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The best kept secret in music


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Afraid No More (2004)
Heart Condition (2003)
The Christ-Centered Project (2002)

Focus (2001)
Jesus (2002)
Ughh (2003)
Lift Him High (2003)
The Light (2004)
Spark It Up (2004)
In The Gap (2004)


Feeling a bit camera shy


A.S.G. (A Son of God) does not think twice before proclaiming the name of Jesus in every aspect of his lyrics. God has rained down blessings on the ministry of A.S.G. because he is boldly pursuing the souls of “The Joshua Generation,” who are generally young children and teenagers. This generation, that is quickly falling by the wayside due to the influence of violence, drugs, and sex in their everyday lives. Media, movies, and music condone principles and a lifestyle that are contrary to God’s Word. Hip-Hop music has been made infamous by its lyrics that glorify money, material possessions, pre-marital sex, and behaviors that degrade women. This music, many young people look to for their guidance instead of a positive role model, their parents, or God. A.S.G. wants to be a manifestation that what was meant for evil God meant it for good. By infusing gospel and rap, he has brought the good news of Christ through this type of music that has deemed to be so influential. His songs has rattled the eardrums and invaded the hearts of so many that experienced his ministry. His current album, Afraid No More, featuring his hit song “The Light,” has received outstanding reviews. Being blessed with multiple talents has allowed him to write, produce, and arrange all of his music and perfect each track according to the leadership of God’s anointing. He is currently anticipating a re-release of “Afraid No More” in October 2005 and working on his upcoming album with Kevin Megginson (formerly of Men On A Mission).

As a humble servant of God, A.S.G.’s ultimate goal is to win souls for Christ. He has been achieving this goal by performing at many events throughout Baltimore and the Mid-Atlantic region. He is also concentrating upon the goal of exposing as many souls to his ministry as possible through performances and continuous radio play. By having faith that God will soon enlarge his territory, a tour is in future plans to expand his ministry to a national level. His ministry will witness to the unsaved by going through untraditional channels outside the four walls of the church and feeding the Word to those who really need to hear it.

After realizing his love for music at the age of 16, he began to gain interest in playing his first instrument, the piano. Unable to receive any formal training, God instilled an ability in him to teach himself how to play and now he gives all glory to God through any method of music that he uses. In 1988, he was presented the opportunity to utilize his newly found gift and play the piano at a small church in West Baltimore. That experience prompted him to strive to learn more about music and production. Through trial-and-error, studying music books, reading books about the music industry, and perfecting his rap lyrics, he has evolved into a musical warrior for Christ, taking on the mission of breaking the chains off the minds of the youth through holy hip-hop. “As a Christian, it is my duty and mission to win souls. Souls that look as though they have no destiny or purpose according to the gospel of Jesus Christ and are often overlooked because they don’t look, dress, smell, or talk the part.” A.S.G. explains “I truly thank him for saving me and giving me a mind to serve him and give of myself just as He gave His only begotten son, Jesus Christ. That’s the significance of my name in the ministry, ‘A Son of God,’ not The Son of God—just one of his sons that’s representing him through the life I live.”

As a loving father and husband, A.S.G. emphasizes on passing the good news of Jesus to the next generation and shares with them how important it is for them to be led in the right direction, especially during these perilous times. The most important aspect to be shared about his life is that he is saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. God said that he would pour out his spirit among all flesh in the last days and God is truly fulfilling this prophecy through the ministry of A.S.G.

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