As Good As New

As Good As New


Our music is fast and driving and makes you wanna jump. Theres no need for 20 minute guitar solos in this band, we pull you in with catchy vocals and progressions.


Our influences range anywhere from The Starting Line to the Early November to pretty much anything rock. I think what sets us apart from other bands is that our sound is very genuine. Use of creative lyrics that you don't hear with every other band and unique concepts of our songs. We're still individuals while still exisiting as a band. We're true to ourselves while true to the band's image. We have fun with our music without making it look prefabricated.
We actually all met online through Myspace in April of 2005 for just a jam session and we've been playing ever since. We have made some minor changes in members. We've changed bass players about 4 times but have finally found the right one. We've going around and around in the Western New York circuits playing shows about 1-3 times a month. We've just released our first EP together and are looking on now to bigger and better things.


Hide & Seek

Written By: Mike McGrath

Make sure Im all around your room
so that whichever way you move
youre looking at me looking back at you
and wrap this idea around your head
think about all the things i said
try and hide them try and hide

and I'll give you 10 seconds to get out of sight
one-one thousand, two-one thousand
you better run and hide
cuz you dont wont me to find you
cuz that would make this hard for you
and every word you said is practiced in your head.

and if you make it home without me
dont you think youre home free
I'll be there
and if youre trying to forget me
i wont make it easy, Il'l be there

and you can take down all our pictures
and everything that reminds you of me
so its easier to sleep
and if you need this, then i need to know
if you recieved this, how could go you and say that?
its easy to forget.

You can only run until youre out of breath
and then I'll break you down until theres nothing left
all the walls I used to hang
in the bed i used to sleep, ill never fade away
in the photographs you keep
(hide and seek dont look at me and you need to grow up)
(hide and seek dont look at me and this time you messed up)

The Cutting Room Floor

Written By: Mike McGrath

And if you dont understand life
id be happy to help you out
i can tell you when and what
what this is all about
just gimme the cue cards
and you know that i
i will direct right down to the line
i can tell you when to cry (and smile at the same time)

if life was a movie
we'd keep all the best
we'd edit and erase and re-shoot the rest
til we get it right for the scene
if we got awards for the way that we act
id win "the best way to never forget"
just one night i made a scene.

so cut. it. out. i dont even like the way it sounds
try it again but this time give it your all
(show me what youre about)
i wanna see some emotion
make me believe that its not act
that you mean everything
can you tell me a lie? (and smile at the same time?)

Fooling Around

Written By: Mike McGrath

lets be honest cuz theres no fooling around
with feelings that im feeling like
we're not fooling anyone
we havent given thought to what could happen if they find out
and still we've been here more than once
so dont try to hide behind yourself
cuz they can see right through you to you
its not ok get ready to do
what we know we have to do
to keep it a secret its not ok

its not that we dont think at all
we do it all too much
and youre someone who cant just look
you always have to touch
a heavy breath is all i need
i know that ill fall down
so, here we go dont you make a sound.

lets be honest cuz i know what you want
and you know for sure
that putting us two in a room
has never worked out good before
and luck has a limit
and we're pushing it too far
and one of these days
we'll finish everything we started
and theres no way that this could work
and someone is gonna end up hurt
if we dont stop now
theres nothing to say
theres a price to pay
and we're broken down and its not ok.


"Start Somewhere" is the name of our new EP self-released in June 2006. We have tracks streaming on,, and

Set List

Drama 101
The Cutting Room Floor
Fooling Around
Beggars And Choosers
Sit Down and Stay Awhile
Hide & Seek