Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

A.S. is a progressive indie band based in Paris, France with a rich variety of influences. Formed in 2007, they have played extensively in France and Europe.


A.S.’s second album, Exile, will be released by Inedible Records on March 1st 2013. The album was recorded over four months starting in summer 2011 at RedBox Studios in Paris, and mixed by multi-grammy award winning Darrell Thorp at Studio 101 in Los Angeles. The album is a fitting sequel to Intimate Circles, the band's first opus, but with stronger rhythms and darker, more melancholy texts, as well as greater daring and originality in the complex, eclectic arrangements.

Formed in 2008, the Paris based duo consists of vocalist Nick McRoberts (voice, piano) and Idriss Halfaoui (guitars). For Exile they are joined by Raphaël Mercier (drums) of Mass Hysteria and the haunting vocals of Juwenn of Relay (additional vocals on Exile).

Intimate Circles (2009 - Inedible Records) marked their studio debut and included sombre and complex titles such as "Maybe", "Other Days" and "Intimate Circles" as well as the anthemic "Youth". Intimate Circles was praised as "without a doubt the debut album that many groups would have liked to record" (Zicazic) and "...while Radiohead meditate and Coldplay rewrite their testament, A.S. moves beyond. They transcend genres, reconcile them..." (Raje Magazine)
Since 2008, A.S. have toured extensively in France and the UK and will be undetaking showcase dates in Australia and the UK to coincide with the launch of Exile at the end of the year.

The album artwork for Exile was born of the collaboration with French photographer P. Gaston and was shot entirely on location in West Scotland. The album was mastered at legendary Metropolis Studios in London by John Davis (U2, Snow Patrol, Velvet Underground).


Probable Cause

Written By: Nick McRoberts

Probable Cause

Better late than never
But is it coming ever?
Got a fever in your brain

No way to say sorry
And she said not to worry
You can blame it on the rain

Cause, what’s the probable cause?

Whatever made you do it
Better get you through it
Now you’re the one who’s gone insane

Do What You Want

Written By: Nick McRoberts

Do what you want

You do what you want don’t you?
Don’t ever think it through
I’m thinking that you want me too
Just one more thing to do

You did what you knew you would
Never really understood
You did everything you could
But woman it’s no good

You do what you want
You do what you want
Don’t you?

You do want you’ll see
Anywhere you want to be
As long as it’s you and me
So woman let it be


Written By: Nick McRoberts


It was just a temporary affair
What affair is made to last?
Felt I wasn’t really there
Just watched the days go past
Didn’t see the fall
Could happen to us all

And it was like vertigo
Your hand on my skin
And will we ever know
When did this hell begin?
Didn’t know I’d lose
Thought I’d be free to choose

I’m an exile running blind
I’m an exile far from home
In exile you will find
You lose your will to roam

Breathe in and fight the desire
Just to break and run away
And whatever you require
To hold the wolves at bay
Whatever it may take
To recognise our mistakes

Pleasure and Pain

Written By: Nick McRoberts

Pleasure and Pain

Waiting as the rain runs down the glass
It’s such a small world, don’t you know?
Watching as the drunk man makes a pass
There’s such a long way left to go

Aching as the days and weeks go past
In such a short time, you should know
Sleeping as the morning comes at last
Bet you never felt this low

And you should know by now
The pleasure and the pain somehow
What you don’t know by now
You’ll never really know

Watching as the forecast comes to pass
Shame you didn’t heed the warning
The barman hesitates to fill your glass
He knows you’ll be there Monday morning


Singles EP (2008)
Intimate Circles (2009)
Exile (2012)

Set List

Do what you want
Begin again
Night train
Pleasure and pain
Other days
Intimate Circles
Silent World
Invisible kiss
Probable Cause