Beloit, Wisconsin, USA

All Original Hard Rock Music!!!!


Tiring from the relentless onslaught of cover band after cover band A.S.H. was formed from the remains of several different projects but with one intention. WRITING MUSIC. Quite simply it didn’t take long for these boys from Beloit, WI, a small town somewhere between Milwaukee, Madison and Chicago to start clicking. Richy Termini (Guitars) and Brian Williams (Guitars) would write the riffs and Bill Flory (Vocals) would write the lyrics. This great combo has brought fans some great inspirational songs and stories including their last single “Little Pill” which has become a local favorite.

This is a serious band and while the band enjoys having fun on stage and performing for the crowd the party comes in second to writing good music and keeping it tight. Several previous members found this out the hard way. “There’s no room for screwing off on stage”, says Bobby Rygh (Bass Guitar). “All too often these bands are formed and fall to the wayside from idiots who think they are rock stars and just party the entire night, letting the music take a back seat” From Rockford, IL comes the latest addition, Travis Effler on drums. “I was floored at how serious these guys are about making good music.” Travis defiantly provided A.S.H. with much needed focus on the music.

Now, with all the parts of the engine in place, the show is ready and better than ever….


Little Pill

Written By: Bill Flory

You were the one who threw away my pills
Help me get a job and paid my bills for so long
And I depended on you.
But over the years things started to change
Its a different pill but things are the
same as they used to be. This time its you not me
Now I'm workin' two jobs taking care of the kids. They say whens mommy coming home. Say hey its kinda like this.
Its back again. Do you remember when?
I been there before heres what I say. Addictions the devil.
Theres a price to pay. Forever its gonna be with you.
You stuck by me when I was there. I hope I have the strength to show that I care and always love you. Because lifes not fair. We all need something to pacify.
Its that little pill. The thing that gets you high. You need a refill. Its the last one you will.....
When I came home from work I knew that something was'nt right. You were sitting there and not a kid in sight.
I tried to wake you, but you woul'nt come too.
How do I explain that mommys gone away. Her pain is gone. She's in a better place, but daddy loves you. Somehow we'll make it through. Just me and you, me and you, me and you....


Apeshit Holiday
-4 Song Demo

Set List

Passive aggressive
Chasing Highs
Write Song
Flawed Society
The Pain
Halfass Freedom
Worstcase scenario
Sick Love
Dead Inside
Say It
Gears Of War
Little Pill
Church Prison
Buy Me A Drink
She Gave Me
Bitter End
My Plan
At All
Want it
New Society