Fresh RnB, Soul, Pop vocals with the drive, flow and sweetness of a seasoned Diva


Asha…An angelic voice was delivered to the earth February 8th 1990. She began singing before she could formulate words. Asha’s voice was cultivated amidst ten other siblings, harmonizing to their mother’s direction. Her humble beginnings saw her singing leads in the church choir before scores of listeners at Foss Avenue Baptist Church, in Flint, Michigan.

The progression from song singer to songwriter was quite natural. “I’m probably more comfortable singing the words that come out of my mouth than actually speaking them.” Asha sought ways to express the feelings, thoughts, and experiences.

This singer/songwriter catches many off guard, generating mass amounts of power from her small frame, tempered with the smoothness of her early childhood favorite Aaliyah. Asha is life (name meaning). As her lyrics fall on your ears, the songs tie right into the everyday episodes of your life. With the release of her first single, “Don’t Forget (I’m A Woman), Asha, plans to let the world know that, this is a new National/Global Woman’s anthem!!!


I'm A Woman (Don't Forget)
By Myself