a Shade of Red

a Shade of Red

 Dayton, Ohio, USA

Passion. Evolving. We love playing together and we work to play music that satisfies our inner needs, and other people's ears. When we say we've played three hours of the same songs both full-out electric and then totally acoustic the next week, we mean it. A band should never forget its audience.


After realizing she wasn't another flake musician, Sean called Georgia back and scheduled a time to get together. Georgia, who had already played under the name "a Shade of Red" for a year, had been looking for a percussionist (not just a drummer). Since the first time they jammed together, it was band-chemistry. Georgia already had weekly gigs booked and Sean was thrust into them almost instantly, but his improvisation skills paid off. a Shade of Red quickly earned a gig as house musician for a local coffee shop chain, Boston Stoker, where they played once a week purely acoustic for hours. a Shade of Red evolved into a full rock band, minus most of the rock band members and all the drama, as they began using electric guitars more often. Still, they've held on to that "indie-hippie thing" by using frequent hand drums which pulls in folks off the street. a Shade of Red enjoys a large Dayton following devoted to both their loud rock music and their mellow acoustic sets.

Georgia and Sean listen to a variety of music - from Chairlift, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and the Cranberries to Blind Melon, Led Zeppelin, and Dave Mathews Band. They combine their different tastes to form a unique sound and enjoy the challenge of being in a duo. After all, with less people you have to be creative in order to get THAT desired sound. It can be harder, but way more fun!



Written By: Georgia

Of all the things you could have said
You know how to make me turn red
Of all the things you could have said
Make me turn red

You push, I pull, we touch
And I blush
You push, I pull, we touch...

A shiver down my spine
Only lust deep inside

You are drawn to me
Like I am drawn to you
You are drawn to me
Like I am drawn to you
Can you touch me?
Just touch me
Can I do these things,
Without blushing...?
So, I blush.


Blush EP
Rabbit Hole, Whitewash, Last Black Cab, Unrequited aired on WYSO 91.3.DigStation - Indie Music Downloads

Set List

We usually play four hour gigs in three sets. 20 songs, about 8-10 per set:

Set1 - It's All Good, Magic, Chariot Races, You Say I Say, The Bells, Sores, Last Black Cab, Unrequited Lovesick

Set2 - Are Your Lights Out?, Whitewash, War Making Machines, To The Day, How To Know, Shadows, Rabbit Hole

Set3 - The Jam, The Years Behind You, Blush, Get Touched

We play a handful of covers to expand the each set, such as: Gold Dust Woman (Fleetwood Mac), Bloodletting (Concrete Blonde), Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix), No Rain (Blind Melon), Mercedes Benz (Janis Joplin), Walking With The Ghost (Tegan and Sara), Give Me One Reason (Tracy Chapman).

Sometimes we will play an encore of original songs in the third set.