Ashaki is definately "Something Special" the tittle of her forthcoming album and you will know upon 1st listen. Often compared 2 a Janet Jackson becuse of her sultry tone and dance moves to match,but she definately has her own thing going on!


If you've ever read an article on an artist that you thought to be extremely talented you would more then likely hear them say they've been working on their craft since childhood. Some more privileged than others,but normally the outcome is a seasoned professional. Ashaki is definitely a product of the" I've been doing this most of my life" class of artist. Born and raised on Chicago's North Side, this student of the School of Performing Arts began studying dance at the tenger age of six. As a student of the performing arts she was exsposed to music and drama but dance consumed most of the years to come.
Shaki, as friends call her, began performing throughout the Windy City and landed herself a spot tap dancing on a talk show for kids called Kidding Around later, as a teen, she appeared on the Jerry Lewis Telethon and won 1st place in the NAACP Act-So competition. It wasn't long before Ashaki found herself dancing in music videos and touring with artist such as R Kelly, Sparkle, Ten City and Tony Thompson(formerly of Hi-Five). She recently choreographed the "Jesus Walks" video starring Kanye West and sang background vocals on his platinum album "The College Dropout."She was also the choreographer and hype girl for the tour with Epic recording artist Strings. Ashaki also landed a song on the Lifetime Television show called "The Division".
With an albums worth of material recorded all written by Ashaki and years of choreography and songwriting experience, Shaki feels she is ready to share her full talents with the world. Reminiscent of a 2007 Denis Williams, Ashaki brings a smile back to R&B. Refreshing melodies, simple lyrics and strong cnfident vocals about love, life and good times makes her music irresistable. "I see myself attracting the same fan base as a Janet Jackson because my songs are sweet and sexy, but make you move and I also dance when I sing", says Shaki. Comparrisons to Ms. Jackson are likely and welcomed but you'll know upon first listen that Ashaki has her own thing going on!

Set List

Set list is about 4 songs and a intro. The set last about 30min.