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Growing up in Glen Cove, New York, with performer parents, it was just a matter of time before Ashanti Douglas broke into the entertainment biz - but there were more than few bumps on the road to selling 502,000 copies of her debut album in its first week of sales.


So when we were offered the opportunity to release a Genard Parker produced and co-written album by Ashanti, we genuinly jumped at the chance... “Can’t Stop” was written and recorded in 1997 and was set for release approx one year later. History now shows that this never happened. That is until now…September 2004 saw the tapes back in the studio where in the hands of Genard Parker and Ernie Lake they were fully re-mixed and re-mastered using today’s latest Cutting Edge "Pro Tool" equipment…And the resulting product is nothing less than Pure Genius. In all there are ten brand new songs nine of which are true ballads that are sung from the heart and showcase one of the world’s most beautiful female voices. In essence this is Ashanti’s first studio album and laid down the foundations for what she has become…one of the world’s great RnB Superstars…. Since these songs were first recorded Ashanti has sung with some of Hip Hop’s finest including Ja Rule and LL Cool J and has just released a single with R-Kelly that is destined to be a world wide #1…


Ten brand new (Never heard before) songs all performed with panache, from the heart, and draped with lashings of soul...A great example of soulful RnB that illustrates the versatility and depth of Ashanti's vocal range. Each song is beautifully arranged around a wonderfully well crafted rhythm track that allows the sweetness of Ashanti's voice to shine through ...