Asha's Dream

Asha's Dream


If Music Be Your Food of Love....Let's journey from the ole to the Nu, to bless your soul and set you free....then blow your mind to beyond the galaxy...


Organically nurtured in the urban undergrowth where wild roses are found, Asha's adaptability towards numerous genres formed the basis of her success. Her childhood songs eased her Solitude, her adolescent Laughter hid the pain and her maternal Struggle is endorsed by the depth of emotion she exudes. British and Caribbean cultures influence her unique story-telling performance style. Asha currently tours with Boney M. Prior to this she has performed with Ewan McGreggor, Dave Rowntree (Blur) & Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols). A seasoned session singer, she has also made a name for herself whilst living in Spain & touring with her 'Soul Flava' Showcase featuring ‘A Tina Turner Tribute’. In the UK, Asha hosts Enerjazz a once monthly event that promises you a global and historical journey through the genre of old and new jazz.


Backing vocals & joint lead vocals - Our Man in Doha
CD entitled 'I'm a Nonentity get me out of here.' All tracks written by Andrew Wood Mitchell

Set List

usually 1Xhour set - Pop / Rock / Reggae Gigs
or 2 X45 min sets - dinner jazz sets + hosting
2 X 12-20 min sets - Commissioned events (pre- requested songs)