Born in Indianapolis, Indiana raised in Atlanta Georgia, Ashaya has been a performer since she was a little girl. A fan of R&B greats such as Aretha Franklin and Chaka Kahn these performers are strong influences in her music. Her love for music is sure to set her apart from other young artists.


Timeless records that give you goose bumps, every time you listen to it....soulful voices that hit that nerve in your body that make you feel like you are right there within the song….rhythm, blues, soul, all components to music that has lasted through generations. In a time that hip hop is the voice of the generation there is a void; the sultry sector of R&B/Soul.
Born in Indianapolis, Indiana; raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Ashaya is a fan of the old school R&B greats such as, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, and Gladys Knight. Ashaya wants to take her love for R&B and restore that same timeless feeling into today’s hip hop generation.
At the tender age of 3, you could find the young Ashaya participating in dance classes. She loved to get on the stage and do the ballet and tap dances she spent so much time rehearsing. As she got older her love for being on the stage only magnified. She expanded her interest in performing past just dance. Ashaya enjoyed writing and directing her brothers and cousins in her very own plays. Ashaya’s mother noticed that the 6 year old playwright really had a keen interest in the arts, so she enrolled Ashaya in a drama school, where Ashaya attended after school. Here Ashaya got the chance to put her love for singing along with acting and dancing to use.
As Ashaya got older, she continued to study her interests of singing, dance, and drama. Ashaya participated in her elementary and middle school choirs. When it was time for Ashaya to make the big transition to high school, she was realizing that the bliss of grade school was slowly reaching its end, and now it was time to really think about career choices. Since she was 3 years old she has been performing, and to continue what she loves to do seemed like the most natural choice to make. In the 9th grade Ashaya got the part of Aretha Franklin, singing Chain of Fools in the high school musical. All along Ashaya knew that this is what she wanted to do, but after this performance she caught the attention of other people, and now had believers that she was really going some where with her god given talent.
After her freshmen year in high school Ashaya made a big choice to leave all the people she knew and had gone to school with since elementary, to continue her education more specifically for the arts, at North Atlanta High School Centre for the Arts. Ashaya was accepted to the school, and started her sophomore year in high school at a brand new school; here she planned to tighten her talents into skills. After studying so many sections of the arts for so long Ashaya has really gained an overall respect for the arts.
Now 17, and a junior in high school, Ashaya is ready to start her career as a recording artist. She loves old school R&B, and of course growing up in a day and age where hip hop is the voice of the people, she loves hip hop. She hopes that her music can be a fresh sound infusing her love for R&B/Soul with the emphatic hip hop. When asked what she wants people to really hear when they listen to her music she replies, “I want the people like myself, who love to listen to the oldie R&B songs to hear that influence in my music, and at the same time I want this hip hop generation now to hear my music and relate to it. I want everyone to really feel it! R&B/Soul to me…is music that you can really feel.”


I Can Be The One

Written By: J. Hunt

(Chorus )
I can be the One
The one that you need from here to eternity
You can be my sun
The Light of my Life
The one who fulfills my needs
Can we get it back
Back to the days when we use to be together
How did our love crack
Thought that our love would last forever

(verse 1)
It’s a new day and I can’t get you off my mind
Find the words to say
I need you back here in my life
Nights I lay awake
Visions of you on my brain
But then they fade away
Cause I remember things have changed

(bridge 1)
You don’t want me anymore
You keep walking out my door
And I got to find away to get you back

(verse 2)
Got me feeling like I can’t make it on my own
Taking everything for me not to pick up the phone
Trying to win you back
Cause I have finally come to see
The reason you left
Has got so much to do with me

(repeat bridge 1)

(Repeat Chorus 2X )

(bridge 2)
I thought it would be
Forever you and me
But now that you’re gone
I can’t see clearly
Baby bring it back
The love that we once had
I thought our love was true
But I still miss you

(fade out)

Copyright 2005

Dear John

Written By: J. Hunt

I don't know how i will move on
so i'm pouring my heart
out through this song
and as i write these words to you
i want you to know that we are through
these feelings i've had for so long
i guess i'll start with dear john

(Verse 1)
The only love i ever knew i found in you
i never thought we'd be a part
but who knew the things you said
and who was it in your bed
that put a strain upon my heart
now you wanna act as if nothing has changed
you want me to remain the same
but so many tears i've cried
and so many times you've lied
i guess i'm through with all the pain

(repeat chorus)

(verse 2)
Now i don't know exactly what i'm gonna say
i guess its time for me to go
cause it seems like we're always mad
pain like this i've never had
until you showed up at my door
days and nights go by without a simple call
claim you ain't doing no wrong
so why were you with my friend
and who's number is it then
over you i am so gone

(repeat chorus)

(Rap Verse)

(repeat chorus)

(fade out)

Copyright 2005

You & Me

Written By: J. Hunt, A. Robinson

(Chorus 2x)
Boy your love is so good
don't wanna be without you
lie awake in my bed
can't seem to sleep without you
like a bonnie and clyde
there ain't no me without you
you and me

(verse 1)
We've been together for so long
and my feelings are growing stronger for you baby
can't see myself without you no
and all those people in the past
i look back now and simply laugh
cause they never thought
this joy i found would last

(repeat chorus 1x)

(verse 2)
now i've been searching for a while
for that someone who makes me smile
and the love you give inside i can't deny
now this thing here we have is strong
and i've been knowing for so long
that the love we share will last forever

(repeat chorus 2x)

(bridge 2x)
love at first sight
i've never felt like this
you and me
nobody stands between us
my love for you
no words could ever reach it
you and me

(fade out)

Copyright 2005

Set List

Set Lists:

Set 1:
Dance Intro
Cover song
You and Me

Approx. time: 12 minutes

other sets arranged according to specific show