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Strong and confident lead vocals backed by driving , chuging percussion, with bass & guitar lending themselves nicely to the mix. Reminiscent of Seether, Nickelback, and Pearl Jam. - Indie Productions


Ashborne brings the rock and they make sure you're gonna feel it. You can't deny Davis' commanding stage presence and solid vocals. - Playback Stl

"Rise Review"

When Pearl Jam ruled the scene credibility meant refusing to sell out to the faceless corporate entities
that monetize the musical art form. Now, cynicism has turned the integrity of being “about the music”
into a cliché, making it increasingly difficult to avoid being labeled as just another band. For me, this
paradoxical entry barrier only makes it more satisfying when a talented band manages to break through
and grab my attention. Recently, I came across a refreshing debut record, Rise, from the St. Louis
based four-piece rock band Ashborne. My reference to Pearl Jam wasn't necessarily in regards to the
band's sounds as a whole - which is something that would remind you more of Seether than the rulers
of the Seattle grunge scene - but the lead vocalist, Jason Davis, has repeatedly been tagged as “neo-
Vedder,” a moniker that becomes justifiable when hearing tracks like “Granted.” Lyrically, Davis
certainly isn't the political agitator that Vedder was, but his rangy baritone vocal style is arguably
Eddie-esque. Davis has a sort of denseness to his voice that stands harmoniously against Zach Deeds'
vigorous guitar riffs and Ryan Wagner's dragging bass-lines. Collectively, the sound is something that
would resonate with the type of listeners who were into Nickleback before they became soullessly
popular. Even more so, the band could be considered a slightly less rhythmically driven Incubus circa
Morning View. The entire record, which comes in a bit short at only 7 tracks, seamlessly blends
energy and depth in a profound way. Rise could certainly have mainstream appeal but somehow it
retains a charming organic feel. - Ariel Publicity - Trevor Dye


"Thanks to You" EP - 2008
"Rise" EP - 2007
"Live at Mississipi Night" - 2005
"Demo" - 2005
"Imposed" EP - 2003



Ashborne is about rock. It’s about original music that grabs us from the start, songs where we each add our own type of fuel to the fire, and then giving all we have to the evolution of sound.

Check out the music, give our songs a chance. The first thing most people notice is Davis’ voice. Strong clear vocals from booming roar to a caressing whisper, the tone has been described as “neo-Vedder” and ”Reminiscent of Seether and Nickelback.” And it’s not choirboy pretty – raw emotion washes through every word.

“I’m putting my innermost secrets and fears on stage and screaming them as loud as I can,” Davis says. “It’s unintentional sound therapy. I couldn’t stop now if I wanted to.” And though Jason scrapes out the darkest parts of his soul to harness through voice, Ashborne rises. “I always try to show the epiphany, the positive side, the lesson learned.”

Next, rock is defined as the guitarist is throwing you hooks. Crunchy or smooth, Zack Deeds is grinding out a catchy riff or adding funk-rock fingering behind the vocals. “Zack adds textures and layers to flesh things out long after the rest of us would have put a stamp on the song.” And the sound changes, and changes again, unrecognizable from the first. “I think Zack’s effects pedal board is worth as much as our touring van. No really. It’s insane.”

And lest you get lost in the changeling guitar, a pounding, heavy bass line drives you ever forward. Ben brings a harder edge to Ashborne. His heavy bass fills out the sound and sets the pace for the rhythm. “When Ben gets hold of a song, the rock aspect takes more shape.”

Life-long musician Bryan adds his punk-rock energy and crashing kit to the beat and the noise. “As the new guy it was great to find a band so committed.” Bryan loved the band’s solid, energetic Rock ‘n’ Roll. “These are good musicians. I’m there to beef the sound up, take it to another level. Everything flows.”

Got a feel for us? We hope you catch Ashborne live – music in a purer form. “Onstage is… euphoria,” says the band. “Words don’t describe it.”

We hope you get into the sound and our muse becomes yours. “Music takes people to a place of introspection, a place where change is possible if you are ready for it; willing to embrace it.”

“The music that moves me is music that has feeling to it. If someone can go away having that type of experience with our music, then I think that’s fucking awesome.”