Ash Bowers

Ash Bowers


"..Contemporary Country Rock with a Traditional Edge.."


In a span of two short years, Jackson, TN-based singer/songwriter Ash Bowers saw his career in music catapult from that of an open-mic night regular to a contender for New Music Weekly’s “Best New Band” Award, a testament to his talent as an artist and to his tireless work ethic.
Bowers began his career at the age of eight with the piano, influenced by the charismatic performances of rock legend Jerry Lee Lewis. At 10, he began performing onstage at church, state fairs and talent contests, and by the age of 16 he had switched to guitar and was writing his own original music. Born and raised in Jackson, TN, Bowers continued to hone his skill as a musician while soaking in the down-home qualities of life in the South that would later shape the direction and tone of his music.
In 2003, Bowers formed progressive country band Forty5 South. The band’s dynamic stage presence and high-voltage country sound soon caught the eye of the AFE (Armed Forces Entertainment) group, who took the band oversees to Asia, Guam, the Marshall Islands, Korea and Japan to entertain troops. Bowers wrote or co-wrote all songs on the band’s debut album, Too Much, Too Fast, which was well-received by critics and propelled the band to the status of hometown favorites. Over the course of the next few years Bowers and Forty5 South toured the U.S. extensively, logging as many as 300 shows each year and performing for crowds as large as 15,000.
With songs about love and heartache, hometown pride and the distractions of youth, Bowers’ strength as a seasoned songwriter along with his signature vocal style has always appealed to a wide audience, and though he’s already achieved a respectable amount of commercial success and a large fan base in a relatively short span of time, Bowers is reinventing his form of artistic expression in pursuit of a successful solo career…and after just one listen to his latest offerings, you will quickly see that Ash Bowers is well on his way to attaining it.

-----FACT SHEET-----
*Ash Bowers is a 25 year old singer/songwriter from Jackson, Tennessee. Ash has been performing Country music since the age of 10

*Ash has performed some 250+ dates a year for the past 3 years, opening for the likes of Sugarland, Kevin Fowler, Mark Chesnutt, Brad Paisley and Pat Green

*Ash has secured a strong following in the Texas region where he has performed some 500+ dates in and around the Dallas/Austin area in the past three years. Texas venues that Ash and his band have consistently performed at; Gilleys, The FireWater Bar & Grill, Billy Bobs, Spiros, The Waco County Fair and The San Antonio Rodeo – to crowds of up to 15,000

*To date, Ash has sold in excess of 20,000 cds from just his live shows (10,000 of those cds have been sold in the Texas region alone in the past three years)

*In the past two years Ash has had three songs chart in the Top 10 on the Texas Country Music Charts (songs; Back of My Truck, We’re Country So We Can, Been There Too)…and his song, Jim Beam, made it into the Top 20 on the Texas Music Charts

*Ash’s song, We’re Country So We Can, was one of the Top 50 most played songs in Texas in 2005 and to date the song has received some 20,000+ spins Nationally

*In 2005 Ash's song, 'Been There Too', consistently received a higher 'Pick' rating (Pick It or Flick It) week to week on Nationally Syndicated Radio (competing against Big & Rich and Gretchen Wilson)

*In 2003 Ash did an AFE Tour For The Troops where he and his band performed for 50,000+ Military personnel in the US, Asia, Japan, Guam, Korea and France

*Ash and his band give 110% everytime and are ready at a moments notice to take their amazing style of Country music to the rest of the world anytime and anywhere there is the opportunity of gaining a new fan.

..Aside from his obvious talents as a singer, songwriter and performer, Ash Bowers is also an incredibly hard working artist with a level head on his shoulders – and after just one listen, it is crystal clear that Ash’s got what it takes to be a driving force in Country Music for many years to come..


Better Man Than You

Written By: Ashley Bowers/Arnie Roman

Ashley Bowers
'Better Man Than You'

she was always in the kitchen
before the sun came up
to get us fed, to get us dressed
and get us on the bus

another day of working late
makin’ sure we’re in bed by 9
another night we wondered why
you were gone with no goodbye

its been almost 20 years ago
since you ran out and left us on our own

not a day goes by, that I dont try
to make sense out of all of this
and why you never called, or came around at all
to raise your kids like mama did
she couldn’t work on cars, or show off scars from a fight in some barroom
but when it came to me
she was a better man than you

she tought me how to tie my shoes and how to drive my truck
she'd always know when I was getting low and slide me twenty bucks

and I thought that I might see you
on my graduation day
but sure enough, when i looked up
it was just my mama's face

well I turned out fine, but I could have used your help
man I don't know how your living with yourself

repeat chorus:
not a day goes by, that I dont try
to make sense out of all of this
and why you never called, or came around at all
to raise your kids like mama did
she didn’t fish all day
or watch the game on sunday afternoon
but when it came to me
she was a better man than you

she filled the shoes that you never wore
when this world got me down
she taught me how when things get tough
you gotta stand your ground
she always said
you can’t get ahead
when your runnin’ from the truth
when it came to me
she was a better man than you..
she was a better man than you


*LP: Too Much, Too Fast
Singles: 'Back Of My Truck', 'Jim Beam'

*LP: We're Country So We Can
Singles: 'Been There Too', 'We're Country So We Can'
Videos: 'Been There Too', 'We're Country So We Can'

*LP: The Best I Can (1/15/08 release date)
Single: 'The Best I Can'

Set List

1) Gotta Be Country
2) The Best I Can
3) Who's Asking
4) Stones In The Road
5) Rock The Boat
6) Jackson, TN
7) Been There Too
8) Good Whiskey
9) Gonna Move On
10) Taste Of Class
11) That Was Me
12) Best Mistakes
13) Better Man Than You
14) Mistakes I've Made
15) Big Time In A Small Town
16) Fat Bottom Girls