Ashbury Park

Ashbury Park


Handcrafted, soulful, bluesy rock-n-roll with an accessible pop appeal...


Ashbury Park was formed in 1993 when fellow Purdue University students Eric John and John Becher met and began writing songs together and performing throughout central Indiana. After graduating, the band moved to Tucson, AZ and toured the SW. Then, an oppurtunity to move to NYC came, so they packed their bags for the Big Apple and played clubs throughout the city. But, after some time had passed, another opportunity came to the boys to go to a small mining town in SW Montana, Phillipsburg, to create and regain the solitude that was lost in NY. After spending the winter there, they went to visit Portland, OR, where their bus broke down...and have been there ever since.

Since arriving in Portland in 1998, the band has played with acts such as: The David Grisman Quintet, The String Cheese Incident, Umphrey's Mcgee, STS9, Keller Williams, and many other notable acts. In addition, the band has been joined by ex-Grateful Dead member Vince Welnick
for several performances.

The group's sound is remniscient of The Band with strong influences from Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson. Ashbury Park's vocal prowess is what sets it apart from other bands. The band's lead singer, Eric John, has become recognized throughout the NW as a premier songwriter and vocalist; his voice reminds people of Jim Morrison and Johnny Cash on a usual basis. Ashbury Park is a band with great potential; their pop sensibility is resonating with listeners and taking them to the next level. They have played most all the major clubs and festivals and have become a household name in the NW.

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1998 Down By the River
2001 The Making of a Lonely Man
2004 Live at the Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR
2006 Sublimate

Set List

The Ashbury Park set generally consists of strong original material but does cover artists such as: Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, The Band, The Grateful Dead, Willie Nelson as well as traditional material. In addition,the band can play 5 hours in a night or until the power shuts off.