something that sound the same as everyone else yet different. individual yet similar and likeable(hopefully)


I started off as a musician when i was around 5 hanging around with my dad and his musical friends, mucking around on drums which led to guitar lessons through primary school from years 3 to 7, however after that i took up voice lessons with high school music program at Carine senior high school. but i have been writing since i was around 7, all mucking around songs until i wrote my first proper song, high's and lows, which is what inspired me to write music. my biggest influence would be my dad because he bought me up around music, and now i cant get enough.


technically, i havent released anything yet, but i have a few songs so i'll list them

-Icant see
-highs and lows
- lack of love
-these stars
-forever untitled

and im working on heaps more to come:)

Set List

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