Asheru/ The ELs

Asheru/ The ELs

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True School Hip Hop band, making politically and socially conscious music, (ie: minus the bitches, hoes, rims, bling, etc.) We make music to inspire, uplift, and make you feeel goood!!! Asheru & The ELs are God's Gift to Hip Hop!


Asheru Bio:
Aliases: Ash Ganero, Ash Gordon, Ash Ketcham, Ash Wednesday, Crown Vic, Black Moses

Unspoken Heard
Black Lincolns
The ELs
Guerilla Arts Ink, LLC

Attributes: Emcee Extraordinaire, Universal Collaborator, Independent Artist, Arts Activist, Youth Advocate, Educator

Career Highlights:
-Worked with notable producers such as Pete Rock,Geology, 88Keys, DJ Spinna, Usef Dinero, Dj Khalil, Kev Brown, Oddisee, Roddy Rod, Sound Providers,etc.
-Collaborated & performed with several Hip Hop artists and groups like J-Live, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Raheem Devaughn, Common, Lone Catalysts, The Roots, El da Sensai, Richy Pitch, Ed OG, Wordworth, Self Scientific, Fat Jon, Grap Luva, Jazzy Jeff, Jill Scott, Rich Medina, and many others
-Traveled all over the world on several international tours all over Canada, Europe, and Japan
-Presented at various speaking engagements and seminars across the country in the promotion of Hip Hop music and culture as an educational device, cultural phenomenon, and emancipatory artform
-Founder and Executive Director of Guerilla Arts Ink, LLC, an arts-in-education organization that also serves as owner and distributor of all Asheru and affiliated releases
--Composed and performed the theme song for the hit TV show, Boondocks. Also wrote several other songs for the series, such as the Martin Luther King speech in the "Return of the King" episode


Cosmology EP...Unspoken Heard (1997)
Better/Smiley 12”... Unspoken Heard (1998)
Jamboree EP ... Asheru (1999)
Soon Come LP ... Unspoken Heard (2001)
48 Months LP … Unspoken Heard (2003)
Mood Swing 12”... Asheru feat. Talib Kweli & Raheem DeVaughn (2003)
Black Moses 12”.... Asheru (2005)
Insomnia Vol.1 LP... Asheru (2006)
Insomnia Vol.1: Sleepless in Japan…(IMPORT ONLY) (2006)
Hip Hop Docktrine: The Official Boondocks Mixtape… (2006)
3 Stars, 2 Bars CD... Asheru (2007)

Set List

Our sets vary from venue to venue according to "marquee" billing. Generally an opening set will last 25-30 minutes in duration, 45 minutes to an hour for a feature set, and an hour to an hour 30 min to Headline a show. Here are the core hits you can expect...

The Boondocks Theme
Black Moses
Mood Swing
"Live Improv & Freestyle" (Free Form)
Old School Tribute (some covers)
The band consists of very accomplished musicians, who can play ANYTHING...