Ashes Before Angels

Ashes Before Angels


From soft melodic ballads to edgy abrasive anthems, Ashes Before Angels tastefully explores the palette of everyday real emotions we all could relate to.


Ashes Before Angels is a group of musicians recently formed from the central Connecticut area. The diverse musical influence’s and style’s from each and every member is what makes the band unique and so special. In an ever complacent world with musicians desperately trying to succeed and carbon copy note for note what is already playing on the radio, Ashes Before Angels dares to be different. The fearlessness of utilizing real emotion and feelings is what drives the band’s original creations to a new level. The songs reflect true emotions and range from acidic frustration to elegant bliss with everything in between. The band has been focusing on refining new material and anticipates uploading a few “rough cuts” by early fall and we appreciate those of you who have been patiently awaiting the new material. Please feel free to join us on the beginning of this journey and share with us the real emotions of everyday life manifested through our music. Sincerely, ~ Ashes Before Angels~


DEMO 2009

Set List

Ashes Before Angels primarily plays original songs with a tasteful mix of cover renditions. Typically playing a 2 original to 1 cover ratio.