Ashes of the armadA

Ashes of the armadA

 Hutchinson, Kansas, USA

Insanity roams free through their heads. Not limited to one genre, Ashes of the Armada is a fine frenzy of mathcore intensity with the highs and lows of jazz and metalcore, rolled into a tidal wave of ridiculously energetic live performance and stage presence.


Ashes of the Armada (AotA) is a mathcore band of best friends from Hutchinson, KS. Boundaries are just limitations, and this group knows none, always pushing themselves to write music that is varietal and always evolving. To complement the crazed attack that is their sound, their live performance holds zero back and is nothing short of a spastic seizure and an in your face revolution. Putting all of their hard-work to showcase is their upcoming concept album 'Upon a lake of embers', the tale of a pirate crew who are forced to wage battle with their darkest monsters within and the lord of evil himself.


EP of the Armada - 2010
Upon a lake of embers - 2011