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Ash Ganley

Lyons, Colorado, United States | INDIE

Lyons, Colorado, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Americana


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"Venue PR"

“New artists come to me all the time, wanting to play Nissi’s. Most are good, some are very good, and some, as you’ve seen, are great. But every once in a while, a very special artist crosses my path. The latest one is named ASH GANLEY. If you like acoustic rock, great vocals and music that moves you- you have got to see this artist. Take my word for it, Ash Ganley is very special and is going to be a big star. He’s one artist who’s music I listen to a lot.”

-Teresa Taylor, Owner and Talent Buyer: Nissi’s Supper Club, Lafayette, Colorado
- Nissi's: Venue News Letter

"Colorado's Best"

"Summit Road [recording studio] has a real racehorse in Ganley, whose only musical shortcoming may be unlimited focus. Ash can do anything, from Delta blues Robert Johnson style, to blistering blues-rock ala Kenny Wayne Shepherd, to heartbreak country that could land him comfortably on stage at the Grand Ole Opry. "I may be the last to know, but Colorado has a star in its firmament in Ash Ganley. I recently received a package from Colorado and within it I discovered one of the best-sounding songwriters I have heard to come out of the state in a long time . . . Ash has a clearly authentic quality to his commercial sound. "These Ash Ganley tunes are really good listening and it occurs to one right away that a principle reason is the background vocals of Andria Ganley, which are spot on perfect! She sounds, to me at least, like one of my favorite singers, Margo Timmons. The quality she brings to the sound of this band really elevates it to a higher level. "Ash has that assured virility in his sound that you hear in guys who have achieved a certain level of professionalism. There is a quality in his sound that says he has arrived at his musical destination, which is powerful stuff."
- Review from RARWRITER.COM, an LA Based Music website and blog.
- RARWITER: Los Angeles Music Blog

"Album of The Year 2008: Cruel Waters"

"I listened to your album and it is simply smashing from beginning to end. Golly! What a great piece of work. I've put the entire disc into my music library, so no doubt every song will get played, and starting next week on Wed., April 30th, you'll be on the waves on all stations, terrestrial, streaming, podcasts, on demand, mobile phone network. "This is the best album of the year 2008, in my opinion . . . . Wave on!"
- Carmen Allgood, producer of "The Colorado Wave," the #1 syndicated online radioshow and highest rated online radio show in America.
- Carmen Allgood, "The Colorado Wave"

"Album Review: Mike Casey, Program Director, 99.5 KQMT "The Mountain""

"Out of every 10 CD's I get, probably 9 don't make the cut. Which makes yours all the more impressive. It's really a great effort. Most 'up and coming' artists tend to have a really weak link somewhere . . . in my opinion. More often than not it's either lyrics, arrangement, or production. Not the case at all with your band. The songs are strong lyrically and musically, the production and arrangement are solid, and you've clearly identified "your" sound . . . which is key."
- Mike Casey, Program Director 99.5 FM KQMT "The Mountain"
- Review

"Album Review: Rock and Reprise, Charlottesville, VA"


You Are What You Play.
In a world expanding faster than the Big Bang, ten million artists and bands are jumping on the Americana bandwagon, tossing huge amps and flashy guitars aside for banjos, mandolins and even the occasional ukulele. So what does Ash Ganley do? He bucks the trend. Ganley is the guitar playing fish swimming upstream against a current unleashed by the crumbling of the major record labels'influence, banking his very existence on mainstream rock. Twenty years ago, it would have been marketing suicide. Today, it might just be genius.

2006, Ganley seemed a bit torn, though torn may be a poor choice
of words. Dark
Fuel (Big
rode a thin line between Americana, country rock and arena rock
(for lack of a better term), Elysian
Fields kicking
off the album with a brilliant combination of all of the above.
The surprise is the roots feel of the followup track, Dark
Fuel and
most of the tracks which follow. Pedal steel, reverbed and picked
electric rhythm guitar and the general overall feel place it in
the next county, musically, and yet it works. Remember those words
because no matter what Ganley and crew do, they seem to make it
work, and work very well indeed.
true highlight outside of the outstanding now-classic-in-my-head
Elysian Fields is
the just-short-of-Southern-rooted Dream With the Devil.
It is, to paraphrase Charlottesville's Sarah White, outstanding in
the sense that it is so familiar, it is new. Ganley's textured,
smoky voice carries the song much like Paul Rodgers did with Free,
the texture and phrasing as much a part of the song as Eben
Grace's super tasty guitar. Now that I think about it, Rise
also rises to the occasion with
its mid-tempo rhythm, great melody and all-too-short crescendo to
end it all. They could not have picked a better song to close.
2008, Ganley steps further inside (or outside) the box, taking the
familiar to new heights. After immersing myself in Dark
Fuel, imagine my surprise
when I put Cruel Waters in
the player and hear (ahem) shades of Curtis Mayfield
(occasionally, even a White boy from Colorado gets it right), the
step from Elysian Fields to
Lonely World a leap
across the Atlantic, in musical terms. But like I said earlier, no
matter what these guys do, they make it work. The straight ahead
rock of Paradise Fades cushions
the shock, verse giving way to chorus in Grade A fashion, and you
gotta love Eben Grace's backwards guitar solo. It is world class.
You may not notice, but halfway through Cruel Waters,
the influences begin to pile up. I Walk Alone is
a solid rendition of acoustic blues, the slide work simple but
spot on. The chorus on Trees and Powerlines makes
the song, octave-apart voices giving it that special sound (along
with Jeremy Lawton's great Hammond organ). The
Eagles would kill for a song as good as Cruel Waters and
the Johnny Cash shuffle and country twang of Moonshine
is somehow far from country,
though I can't quite understand why. Ganley has
a tendency to warp styles with ease, you see, and slip them into a
song almost without notice. The beginning of Only In Our
Dreams is only one instance,
a strange conglomeration of 60s Brit and Arena Rock with a bit of
straight pop thrown in for confusion's sake.
is just the beginning, too. Ganley is in the studio as I type,
readying not one, but two albums for quick release. The music, it
seems, is an electric current using Ganley as a medium. If these
two albums are an indication of music to come, I'm all for locking Ganley (and the band) in the studio for as long as they can produce. I mean, a highlight of my day is when Brad Goode's almost
nonexistent trumpet solo on Too Late runs through my head. And, no, I do not need a life. I'm plenty happywith this one.
Check the Ash Ganley Band out at
Hang around and listen seriously. This music is worth the time and

-Frank O. Gutch Jr, Rock and Reprise, Charlottesville, VA 2009
- Rock and Reprise

"The Scene Magazine: Ft. Collins, CO"

Ash Ganley - Cruel Waters
By Chris Galis,

Ft. Collins, CO 1/09

Ash Ganley's latest release, Cruel Waters contemplates the fate of the natural world in an age where technology consumes all that was once human and sacred. He stands as a country-rock prophet against the Sadducees of automated machinery and computer technology. It runs along the same conceptual lines as Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and My Morning Jacket's Z, however Cruel Waters uses organic sounds to present this modern dichotomy.
The exemplary "Lonely World" and "Paradise Fades" both acknowledge the competition between the sacred and the contemporary, but both are composed with a constant ear to alt-country influences and a toe in the alternative tub. In "Too Late," Ganley attempts to warn us of our inevitable doom. "Too late for science, too late for faith…too late to save our souls, this is how it ends," he sings with breath-filled urgency. It is that kind of writing that draws the listener into the depth that this album offers. It reveals a great deal of focus on Ganley's part to construct such predominate concepts for Cruel Waters, while allowing it to come through with subtlety and care.
Still, in the face of Ganley's alt-country Armageddon, he perseveres because, like every great artist knows, this is an existence of poles – the good with the bad. Ganley does his best to show why he worries for our humanity with songs like "Only in our Dreams", and "Moonshine" that pursue the bright side to our end with country panache and swagger. Ganley's material adopts muses that show the dark, modern side of life and the other that Ganley wants so badly to save.
- The Scene: writer Chris Galis

"Radio Playlist Add: PD Quote"

"We very rarely add an entire local disc to our music library, but our Music Director, Mike Casey, digs this album so much, we added the whole thing."

- Nicole Prosser, Asst. PD, 99.5FM KQMT, The Mountain, Denver, Colorado
- Self


2006: Dark Fuel (Big Bender Records)

2008: Cruel Waters (Summit Recording Group)



Artist: Ash Ganley
Genres: Rock, Acoustic, Indie
Sub Genres: Singer/Songwriter, Americana
Similar Artists: Ray Lamontagne, Jeff Buckley, Steven Stills, My Morning Jacket, Wilco
Hometown: Lyons/Denver, Colorado
Incarnations/Available As: Acoustic Duo, Acoustic or Electric Trio, Full Band

Some artists you just know are going to be doing their craft, no matter what and no matter where, for the rest of their life; it’s just what they do. They’ll grow and change with their songs and the music they play, and so will their music grow and change with them as they move through life. This kind of dedication, over time, can yield some powerful music and goes a long way in creating the kind of creative environment in which the song and the artist become inseparable; where the listener knows, somewhere down deep, that this symmetry of song and singer is the real deal, forged in the fires of life.

Ash Ganley is that type of artist. Ash has been a humble apprentice to many a musical muse over the years, and spent his time touring and recording in bands- as both a bandleader and side man- that have ranged in style from Reggae to Bluegrass, Alt Country to Blues Fusion and Rock and beyond. All of these different styles naturally found a hybrid home in Ash’s own unique voice as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. In an age where too often the desire for instant gratification and disposable commercialism have wed to dominate the music marketplace, rare is an artist like Ash Ganley who is able to distil down his myriad musical experiences into such a potent, well-honed mix of roots rock, timeless acoustic pop, and edgy Americana Soul music in a way that sounds seamless, comfortably familiar and totally signature.

An Ash Ganley Show literally covers all the bases, from an intimate acoustic duo; to the rootsy acoustic slide guitar with stripped down, Delta-inspired drums and bass; all the way up to the high energy full band Americana/Rock/Soul sounds. From Red Rocks to back yard parties, Ash has learned the art of audience-performer energy transference and taps into that natural communion effortlessly.

Highlights include:

* Reggae On the Rocks (Red Rocks), played twice

* Film on the Rocks 2007 (as headlining band w/7000+ in attendance)

* Headlined: KBCO Stage at Taste of Colorado in downtown Denver in 2009.

* Multiple appearances on prestigious 97.3 KBCO “Studio C”.

* Entire album selected for playlist on 99.5 FM KQMT “ The Mountain”.

* Openers for Little Feat, William Topley, Jimmy Cliff, Burning Spear, Derek Trucks Band, B.B. King, Steel Pulse, String Cheese Incident and many others

* Song “ I Walk Alone” from album “Cruel Waters” ( Summit Recording Group 2008) selected as title, theme and credits song for new independent film “Night at the Zoo”, staring former Deadwood stars W. Earle Brown and Sean Bridger’s in partnership with Michael Hemschoot ( “The Matrix”, “Master and Commander: Far Side of the World”)

* Signed 5 record productions and development deal with Summit Recording Group/Summit Road Studios and producer/engineer Ed Edwards in 2008. Summit Road Studios is an award winning SSL room in Parker, Colorado dedicated to Ash's long term success.

*Featured multiple times on 93.3 KTCL FM

New For 2010: Two new records scheduled for release in 3/10 on Summit Road Studios private (imprint) label.
Ash has been in the studio nearly full time after playing over 200 dates in 2008/2009 and is ready to release 20 new songs in March 2010 on two CD's and available for download from all the usual locations and from his new website (up in March 2010)

*Please read the stellar press, radio and talent buyer reviews in the press section. Ash and Summit Road Studios are currently seeking opportunities to partner with label, management and publishing interests.