Ash Hansen

Ash Hansen


Ash Hansen's voice has a fragile intimacy and warmth that takes you to places serene, melancholic and beautiful.
His song 'Come Away' is a moment that will have you put down the dishes, walk out onto the porch and breathe the Sunday air for the first time in a long while.


Having toured with the likes of Muse, Mercury Rev,
Powderfinger, Live, Sugar Ray, Manic Street Preachers,
The Tea Party and many more Ash Hansen now sets out on his own to find the beauty in quietude and a long overdue peace treaty between rock and modern folk.


'Infinite Cradle' E.P - Rumanastone
'Sweet' E.P - Rumanastone
'The Sound' E.P - Rumanastone
'The Sound - Tour Edition' Single - Rumanastone
'By Design' - Rumanastone

'Come Away' - Ash Hansen ('cabin recordings #1' due 2013)

'Mountainside' - Ash Hansen ('Debut' due Jan 2013)