Ash in Pensacola

Ash in Pensacola


"If the band members of Fleetwood Mac had kids with Elvis Costello, Ash in Pensacola would be the result. This is DIY pop with a harmonic touch that doesn't get lost during their high energy show. the songs are full of Hooks that do not cling to the cliche' but still connect with you and I."


AiP has made a complete 180 degree turn in the short span of just two records. With the new album, "Gut Rehab", the band has added bass player J. Cole Blodgett to the group and turned up the volume on all the rest of the instruments. The cello, once used primarily for bass lines is now wielded like a two-handed broadsword in some type of bloody medieval battle. This is prominent in new tunes like "Smile" and "Travel" which no longer seem to focus on the ethereal as it uses infectious hooks describing day-to-day tribulations that the common man incurs. Still hailing from Chicago, the band is solidifying the new Chicago rock sound.



Written By: Ash in Pensacola

Slowly drag your fingernails
Down my back and over my hardened heart

Cherished blood sweet kisses draw
Pleasure bites and such supple lips

What cannot kill makes us pure
Two bodies find unison

Helplessly we entangle each other
Into one another’s webs

Sucking slowly out the passion
Which entranced us when we first met

What cannot kill makes us pure
Two bodies find unison

And I have been around and she says it’s alright baby
But she don’t look at me with the same eyes now

Can't Stick Around Here

Written By: Ash in Pensacola

Everybody want to rock’n’roll
Drink to think to feel fine
And torrid currents run beneath a calm surface

So go ahead and smile your rehearsed smile
Dress like you jet set
Never will you question why I really left

But I can’t stick around here
I’m gonna jet in a few days

Found an old box the other day
While cleanin’ out the crawlspace
I looked through some pictures we’d made
Back in August

What I believed in then
It’s not what I believe in today
And if a friend asks what I’m gonna do
I’ll just shrug and say

That I can’t stick around here

Sit in front of the mirror and watch my hair grow
Beginning to wonder who’m I doin’ it for
Makes me nervous when the phone don’t ring
Thought you were different but it’s still the same old thing


When We First Met - LP
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