Intensely individualistic hard rock, blending complex dynamics with driving melodic hooks and a passionate lyrical approach


Ashland has been very busy over the last 2 years from having their song “Mysteries” played on MTV’s Undressed in 2000 to showcasing at Parker’s in Seattle as part of’s national tour. Ashland’s popularity has been growing from performances at such fairs and festivals like the Evergreen State Fair and Apple Blossom (Wenatchee, WA) to such Seattle club icons as “The Central”, “Fenix”, “Graceland” (a.k.a The Offramp). Ashland has reached audiences via college and corporate radio through out the Pacific Northwest, local cable shows such as KBTC’s This Ain’t Karaoke and Fog City Productions AT&T cable show “Rising Stars”. Ashland has also been making a splash in the international markets, with airplay and reviews in the Netherlands, Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia and the U.S.. "The music, with its varied tempos, harmonies and dynamics, is equally well thought out" --Stephanie Simonson (Tacoma News Tribune). "But wait, did I say another prog/metal band? How about the best prog/metal band I've heard in a long time."--Mojo's Metal Monsters & Music Masters. “With rolling drums and some fairly gentle guitar work, before once again being caught up and carried along by a powerful punchy bass line, this song contains some really nice harmonies provided by backing vocals.”--New Horizons

CD’s are currently available in select local music stores, the Ashland website, and a handful of online retailers.



Written By: Chad McMurray

I am just a boy
In this God forsaken world
Trying to speak my voice
none ever heard
Why doesn't someone take my place?
Why doesn't someone bend the rules?
Would you catch me if I fall?

Living Day to Day
Running from the streets
Lying to get my way
The system I must beat

Someone help me
I've fallen into a world that's not for me
Don't leave me hear under these stone cold eyes

Trying but I'm trapped
Caught up in the system
Walking down the path of least resistance
I feel a rage inside, I can't explain

I know there's got to be a better way
I know there's got to be a better way

Now I lie here
Gazing at my empty sky
Not much else has changed got my reasons
So many tried to reach me
But I wouldn't listen
Now I'm surrounded by these walls

Time Piece

Written By: Dean Katona

The splendor of the error
All the class surrounds the view
All the purity is scene
All the truth untrue
Historic events
When wars were fought
And love was all for real
Now crack kicked kids
Tough times they live
The world's revolved a spell

A time forgone of silent films
and ballroom dancers, dressed to kill
Now time rolls on, adjust the film
Mosh the halls, our timeless thrill

With deep blue eyes she speaks to me
Of the tales she loves the most
I humor the thought of sketched cartoons
Like the "Saturday Evening Post"
With tear filled eyes
Why do I cry
for a time I've never lived in
Like heroes of time
Helping forge our lives

Push the country to the mountains
and let the suburbs rest in town
Now times have come
and times have gone
Push the poison to the oceans
Leave our footprints in the sand
Ignore the water life
for our selfish time


Ashland EP' (mp3 samples available on website)
Yin and Yang EP' (mp3 samples available on website)
Real Time Full Length CD ((mp3 samples available on website)

Set List

This Time
No Easy Way
Time Piece
My Sky
Ashes In The Ocean
Tiny Little Pointy Headed People