Ashland Court

Ashland Court

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

Hard-hitting, professional rock band with great hooks and stage energy that demands attention. Single 'Hell's Sweet Hands' Now available for down load on .. New CD Control out December 2010


Formed in 2004 Ashland Court is no stranger to the road, hard work and a quality act separates this band from many others. With the independent release of their 5 song EP this band received moderate success with FM radio in Canada and worldwide internet stations.
The single Hell’s Sweet Hands continues to open doors for the group. With air play in new markets and most recently a contract has been signed to have the song featured on Truly an exciting time for the band and its followers. With a new amazing CD coming out in December 2010 and high profile shows the guys are ready to take flight to the next level of their careers.
With hundreds of shows behind them they own the stage and deliver a solid energetic performance every time. The song writing has reached an all time high with Williams, Darby & Riggs with solid and exciting rock riffs and great memorable vocal melodies some of the new songs to watch for are Colder, Control, Waste it, Funny How it is and new Reality. The album is a roller coaster of sound that entices the listener to keep listening. Ashland Court has their own sound their songs are neither boring or predictable. New flavors of melody, harmony, beats and guitar work keep the CD entertaining from start to finish. br> The new CD features 11 new tracks including a short acoustic guitar track by Mr. Riggs and an acoustic song by Marshall Williams both have the endearing qualities you would expect from these guys, 9 new full out rock songs, previously unreleased and 2 tracks that were remixed from their debut EP, Hell’s Sweet Hands and beneficial Tragedy. The CD is one great track after another and is sure to convince the skeptics that Ashland Court deserves to be on the big stage and have heavy FM rotation here in Canada and beyond. A few of the bands Ashland Court has done shows with Finding Core Tracenine Little Sunday Automan Krome Robin Black Todd Kerns Bif naked Crash Karma Pride Tiger

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Ashland Court "Control" - Full length CD
Ashland Court - Self titled EP
Single: Hell's Sweet Hands - top 10 on numerous internet radio sites, added to Freq 107 FM (Winnipeg, Modern Rock) and featured on many rock stations across Canada.

Set List

Original Set:

- Hell's Sweet Hands (AC)
- Day it all Meant Something (AC)
- Everyday (AC)
- Taken Away (AC)
- Save my Soul (AC)
- Beneficial Tragedy (AC)
- Bleeding Blind (AC)
- Funny How It Is (AC)
- Fine (AC)
- Colder (AC)
- Control (AC)
- God Damn Girl (AC)
- New Reality (AC)
- Shine Forever (AC)
- Waste IT (AC)
- Distance (AC)

Show case sets are timed out to be any where from 30 minutes to 60 depending on the situation