Ashlee Nikole

Ashlee Nikole



At the age of 16, Ashlee Nikole has all the makings of a true vocal talent. Ashlee's ambition, dedication and God given abilities are undeniable to everyone who hears her. Ashlee was born on 10/01/92, in Gilroy, C.A. and at the tender age of four, Ashlee's introduction to the entertainment business began by performing on stage in the hit musical play "Annie". Since that time she has had the privilege of performing at a number of acclaimed venues such as Madison Square Garden, The Apollo, Star Search, Live in Hollywood and Planet Hollywood.

Fans and critics have described Ashlee's voice as both powerful and enchanting. Her smooth and unique vocal delivery has been honed over years of diligent practice and a constant drive to be the best at what she does. Taking her inspiration from artists like Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Christina Aguilera, and Etta James this up and coming artist has set her sights on creating a career the will be marked with longevity and success. Already seeking to establish a track record of philanthropy and charity, Ashlee strives to help people who suffering from ravages of Cancer by performing at numerous events aimed at eliminating this tragic illness.

In her free time, Ashlee enjoys the life of typical 16 year old balancing activities like shopping and friends with her scholastic endeavors. Ashlee Nikole is a young lady you will have no choice but to hear, see, and most of all embrace. Because her voice commands it and her beautiful personality and charm warrants it. Ashlee Nikole.........she is truly a STAR