Ashleigh Stone

Ashleigh Stone


Ashleigh Stone takes the traditional Texas folk and Americana elements and fuses them with electronic beats, rock, pop, jazz and innovative approaches to make music that crosses the barriers of culture and genre and finds a place in all of our hearts.


Originally from Lubbock, Texas, I grew up in an area comprised of churches, farm communities, and athletics and- well- very few trees and hills. At the age of five, our family would have frequently family dinners, and conversations about all types of "adult" conversations. Of course as a child this did not interest me, and the one saving grace I had at these moments was my grandmother's upright piano in the den. I would have to ask to be excused, and then would go play the piano for hours while they talked in the dining room. These were the moments that I was first introduced to music. The piano became a place of comfort and solitute, and I knew I had to learn more. Thus, when my family saw genuine interest in the instrument, I began lessons. I never stopped until the end of college. In my teenage years, I began to get serious about song writing, and started to record albums and build bands. In other arenas, I became fascinated with theatre and the music of the theatre, and immersed myself in dance and performance....and, yes, show choir. I remember so many evenings in my youth playing the piano for hours and working myself out of sadness or frustration. It saved my life.

I knew that music was something powerful, and I knew that it could provide peace for both myself and the people around me. I knew that I could talk about things in riddles with music that I couldn't say out loud.

In college, I studied vocal performance and learned the ways of opera and formal performances. As much as it was intersting, it was not for me. I was trying to get my voice instructor to teach me how to sing Janis at the bar on Tuesdays without hurting my voice....

For the past 10 years, I have had my hand in several music endevours. I have had many successful bands and played and performed to people all over this country. I have hundreds of compositions, some that go to the band, some that I sing alone to myself, some that are for theatre companies and film.

After spending the summer in London this past summer, I put together this latest group of musicians, with the intention of finding other musicians such as myself that had the theory and training and wanted to use it as a tool to make music that moves the world around us. We've each individually played to crowds of 3 to 3,000- and have enjoyed each experience for what it is. Ricardo, the sax player, has only played in orchestras, never a band- Kevin, the guitar player, has had a solo music career that has also been internationally successful....Jason is a believer in conspiracies and says "music is his religion", Chris is a woodworker and made his own beautiful bass.

All of us are here for one reason, one that some bands might not be, and that is to give ourselves to these songs and to the people that listen to them 100%. We're not in it for the gold stars, although we understand the system...we're here to change the world.



Written By: Ashleigh Stone

You may have noticed the trees getting tired
Even the strong ones are weak once in a while
You may have noticed the tempo can change
Sometimes the weight of the world can drive me insane

There are some night I just can't sleep
All the angels are screaming inside of me

But I just can hear what you're sayin'
Although some may say that it's true
Cause the weight of the world brings me in like a magnet
Brings me right back to blue

You may have noticed the power of a smile
Even the children forget that once in a while
If we all takes these moments we have and give them a chance
The life that we're living can bring freedom at last

There are are some nights when I just can't sleep
All the angels are singing inside of me

But I just can't hear what you're sayin
Although some may say that its true
Cause the weight of the world can be free like a magnet
Free from me and you

Hear Say

Written By: Ashleigh Stone

All I ever wanted was to write songs for the people
And tap into something we've been needing to hear
Cause this world that we live in is such a cacophony of sensations
And sometimes I get lost in the way I feel

But oh, at night, when the people rise
Is it me, is it you, is it something in our eyes
We are young and we are old but the Heavens guard our souls

And are we all just robots standing in line waiting for our time to come?

And oh, at night, when the people rise
Is it me, is it you, is it something in our eyes
We are young and we are old but the Heavens guard our souls


Phoenix (2002)
our favorite colors EP (2007)
our favorite colors EP (2009)
Cacophany (2008)
Live at Harmony Suite (2009)

Set List

The typical set for us runs about 45-1 hour. This consists of about 10 songs. We can play much longer, but this is the preferred length.

List of Original Songs for Typical Set List:

Stories Take Time
Wake Up
Ides of March
Hear Say
Familiar Symphonies

Some Covers We've Done:

Everything is in It's Right Place
Black Hole Sun
Elanor Rigby
A Change is Gonna Come