Ashleigh Stone

Ashleigh Stone

 San Marcos, Texas, USA

Ashleigh Stone combines traditional pop music with non-traditional expressions and a new perspective that creates something uniquely modern but familiar.Stone's voice takes listeners on a journey through some of life's most personal elements.Her lyrics cover a wide range of topics, never forgetting the mundane, but always seeking the deeper honesty in a world of extreme compassion and great challenges.As a songwriter, Stone explores new harmonic capabilities and creative progressions that verge


“I want you to be able to quiet the thoughts in your mind, about bills, about work, about it all, and just feel, feel the moment, the music, let go - feel the thing that’s bigger than the stage, bigger than than us or words. I escaped there as a child and it saved my life. Now, I want to show it to you and experience it together. When I’m on stage, its not me, its the music, I am just a channel for something that can change the world.”

Honesty, passion, and what can be simply described as “epic” sounds are coming from songwriter/pianist/vocalist, Ashleigh Stone.

Live, Ashleigh is a force to be reckoned with. Coming out in her stiletto heels and looking more like a sexy Joan of Arc than a small town girl, she places her hands on her custom red keyboard and pours her soul out to audiences from the first note to the end whether through intimate vocal moments or powerful mind blowing piano sections that Stone so easily executes. She is often compared with Tori Amos and Fionna Apple.

Currently Stone is working on production for her 3rd highly anticipated studio album. In addition to this, she is also featured on two tracks for Blue October's new album Sway, to be released internationally on August 20th. She continues to gig throughout the US regularly, and just finished up a tour in May of 2013 as support for Justin Furstenfeld's Open Book Tour.

Ashleigh grew up in Lubbock, Texas, the daughter of a father in the truck accessory industry and a musical mother who’s vinyl collection filled Stone with notions of exactly what it is to “rock out”. Ashleigh’s first performances were for the First Christian Church that they attended every Sunday, and it was then that Stone’s family knew she was no ordinary choir member. She started writing her own songs at age 5, expanded her musical abilities with piano lessons, leads in school musicals, voice lessons, dance, theatre, and anything else the hungry artist could learn about the art of writing music and being a performer. At the age of 13, Ashleigh was working on her first album at Digital Base Productions as well as performing original music for audiences in West Texas bars and coffee shops. She had become quite a social and cultural rebel and when she wore wig’s and colored sunglasses in the middle of the classroom at Lubbock High School, Stone admits, “No one thought twice about it, as it was simply accepted that I was the ‘artsy weird girl’. 'Looking back, I was just so hungry to express my creativity, no matter how conservative of an environment I was in."

Ashleigh quickly realized that that hunger and desire could all be met on a stage. Since those early Lubbock years, Ashleigh has logged countless performance hours, and released two commercial albums, Phoenix, EP (2009) and Ashleigh Stone: Live at Firestation Studios, CD/DVD (2012). Ashleigh has been busy performing all over the United States both solo and with various backing ensembles as needed per Stone’s vision of each particular show. In the fall of 2011, she was asked personally by Blue October singer Justin Furstenfeld to serve as an opening act for their Any Man in America Tour and continues to work with Furstenfeld as he openly supports the success of Stone’s musical endeavours. Currently, Stone has been in serious consideration for television shows such as NBC’s The Voice and is seen in AMC's Showville (San Marcos). Her music is circulated on radio stations worldwide and her YouTube presence holds strong with almost 20,000 views and counting.


"phoenix", EP (2010)

"Ashleigh Stone: Live at Firestation", EP (2012): CD/DVD

Set List

Typical set list is between 1-2 hours and varies per venue/show. Please contact for sample set list.