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Calling On The Angels

Written By: ASHLEY / ARLOS

Going through the motions
Searching for the meaning
What should I be doing
How am I to know
Spinning round in circles
Constant confusion
If I could be somewhere
Where would I go

Illusions all around me
What could be the sound
of answers to the questions
that I'm asking now
Life that I'm living
always keeps me guessing
if I had the answer
would I even know


I'm calling on the Angels
Sending out a message
All the way to Heaven
From the bottom of my heart
Lord, I'm trying to reach you
from this empty place inside
Searching for an answer
Hidden in the dark

Easily distracted
Staring into space
Who has found an answer
In the whole human race
Life so uncertain
Roads leading nowhere
Tired of confusion
All these lost ways


Promises of yesterday
Echoes that might have been
What do they mean to me
Can I let 'em go
Going round in circles
Needing resolution
So many questions
Will I ever know
So many questions
Will I ever know


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