Ashley Brooke

Ashley Brooke


A soulful music experience inspired by the personal journeys of life...


At 22, Ashley Brooke describes her music as a soulful experience inspired by her personal life journeys. Her classical training has helped her to create a unique and edgy R&B sound. Her voice has been compared to Etta James, Rhianna, and Maria Callas, who are also some of her many influences.
At a young age, Ashley realized her talent and began pursuing her career by performing jazz and blues covers at many venues including Hockley Valley Resort, Winchester Arms, Farmers Market, and the CNE Rising star competition. After graduating high school, Ashley headed off to Sudbury where she studied classical music for three years at Cambrian College where she majored in voice and minored in piano. Ashley then moved to Toronto where she is currently situated and has been teaching singing and piano lessons at many locations throughout the greater Toronto area.
Ashley’s continuing her education through the Royal Conservatory of Music and Seneca’s prestigious Independent Music Production program.
After recording her debut EP at Metal Works Studios, Ashley is excited to begin her career in the music industry.



Written By: Ashley Brooke

I thought I’d never feel lonely
But now
I'm lost here thinkin bout the words you said
I'm lying in bed and its 7 am
I'm craving, craving for the love we shared

Pre chorus
You never call me up on the phone
And I am still home alone

Your the one for me
You got me addicted
Your the one to blame
Your the one for me
You got me addicted
Your the one to blame

I'm addicted to you baby

I thought that I was your only
But now
She’s callin your phone and won’t leave you alone
I look like a fool cause you’re playin me too
But I can’t seem to keep away from you

I'm fiending


Single: Addicted