Ashley Crawl

Ashley Crawl



From the streets of Detroit comes the pill poppin', heart stoppin', bass droppin', guitar rockin', no thinkin',hard core drinkin' Ashley Crawl


Hardcore Drinkin'

Written By: Ashley Crawl

Cirrhosis has kicked in
I'm tired and bloated with yellow skin
I look, I feel, I smell like shit
It's time I hit up Betty Ford
Before I wake up in the morgue
I hate my life and what I've done with it
'Cause I'm a hard core drinkin' son of a bitch

I drink 'till I get sick
I never did know when to quit
I'll die before I get old, and it's just as well
Beer, booze, moonshine, or wine
If ya got it then I've got the time
If not then you can go to hell
'Cause I'm a hard core drinkin' son of a bitch

'Cause I'm a hard core, passed out on the floor, wake up at five and I'm a next to a whore, hair of the dog and we'll do it some more drinkin' son of a bitch