Ashley Falgout

Ashley Falgout

 Dallas, Texas, USA

My name is Ashley Falgout, im a 26 year old soulful singer song writer from Dallas Texas. My sound is a combination of Folk and Blues music. I really love to write about what i know, so most of my songs tell stories of journeys had, and my interpretation of the signs found along the way.


I've been around music my entire life and have always felt compelled to create it. I grew up listening to my mother create songs about life and experiences had along the way, i remember being inspired to do much the same. Now at 26 years of age, i have done just that, by fusing folk and blues together i try to omit to listeners via the heart. It's important to be honest with music, so i write originals about what i know, and where Ive been.


Album: Long Over Due
1. Intro Holy Holy Holy
2.Days and Days
3. Just Another Lullaby
4. Leaving In The Morning
5. Why Don't You
6. Her New Song
7. Blue
8. Push-N-Pull
9. No Surprise
10. On My Mind
11. Outre holy Holy Holy
12. Hidden Track