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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | MAJOR

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | MAJOR
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"Ashley Gearing - "What You Think About Us""

In 2003 Ashley Gearing scored a Top 40 hit with the single “Can You Hear Me When I Talk To You?” It was released by Lyric Street Records and it broke a 46-year-old chart record held by Brenda Lee as the youngest solo singer ever to enter the country charts. 11 at the time, Ashley Gearing recently turned 19 and while she released an independent album in 2006, it wasn’t really until her partnership with Curb Records that found the singer returning to the national stage.

Written with Ben Glover and Brian Davis, “What You Think About Us” is a song that finds Ashley singing about the boy in her life and as she listens to him list off the things he loves and wants to do, Ashley simply asks him “what he thinks about us?” While some could consider the question something that would only be asked by an insecure girl, in reality this is a question that all people – particularly young women – think about all the time, particularly when the relationship is in its early stages.

Blessed with the kind of vocals that many female country artists would ‘die’ for, Ashley shows off how well she can wring the emotion of the lyric out. While the production is ‘big’ like some of the very best singles from Faith Hill, Martina McBride, Ashley is able to sing the ‘hell’ out of the song and turn it into an instantly memorable piece of music that is nothing, if not radio ready. - Roughstock

"Ashley Gearing Comes “Full Circle” With ‘Five More Minutes’"

Ashley Gearing recently released a brand new single called “Five More Minutes” to country radio. The song delivers an important message about the speed at which life can pass. Gearing co-wrote the song with Tiffany Goss and Nicole Witt during their first-ever writing session, when Ashley was still a high school student in Massachusetts

“‘Five More Minutes’ is a song that I wrote when I was sixteen,” Gearing tells CountryMusicIsLove. “I kind of put it my back pocket and years later Curb came to me and said they wanted it to be my brand new single.”

The song means a lot to Ashley for many different reasons.

“I was estactic because I wrote it in the living room of house,” she says. “I had just signed a record deal with Curb and I was still living at home because I wanted to wait till I graduated from high school before I went to Nashville and made the big move.”

“So it represents a lot for me. It represents how my life kinda has come full circle. The song has kind of taken on a new meaning for me as I’ve been getting busier and staying away from my family a lot, I’m able to really appreciate the time that is spent with them….everyone needs five more minutes in their life.”

Fans can learn more about Ashley and take a listen to “Five More Minutes” HERE on her official website. - Country Music is Love

"Ashley Gearing - Maybe It's Time"

Bottom Line:

It was back in 2003 at the age of only 12 years old when Ashley Gearing Exploded on to country radio with her smash CD single "Can You Hear Me When I Talk To You." Now three years later, she has released her full length debut CD on Squeeze Records called Maybe It's Time. These 11 tracks are filled with driving rhythms, powerful ballads and fantastic vocal arangements. Musically and vocally sounding a little like Shania Twain at times, this is a fabulous CD!
So, where ya been?
Over the past three years, Ashley Gearing has been playing guitar, perfecting her song writing skills and has appeared numerous times onstage at the Grand Ole Opry. She has performed with the Boston Pops, also at the homecoming celebration for General Tommy Franks. Along with that, she has also appeared on numerous occasions with the Boston Red Sox on national television. This also includes the national playoffs with the New York Yankees in 2004. She has also recorded music for the Walt Disney CD Series, DISNEYMANIA, with a fabulous version of the song "When You Wish Upon A Star." Add to that all of her recent appearances on radio both syndicated and local, Ashley Gearing has been one very busy young lady. She is taking advantage of every possible medium to get her music out there to be heard. One of those ways is on her myspace page, In the first 3 months of the site, she has had over 255,000 total song plays, with a daily average of 4,000 song played per day.

Maybe It's Time
Ashley Gearing's debut CD on Squeeze Records has been three years in the making. It's entitled Maybe It's Time. This CD is filled with a lot of high energy tracks and heart warming balads. With the vocal dramatics of Shania Twain, the singing power of Martina McBride, and the youthful singing style of LeAnn Rimes, Ashley Gearing delivers up 11 very powerful tracks. With a modern driving beat, and old fashioned musical arrangements, this CD will appeal to fans of all ages. She has a youthful singing style with the vocal maturity of a woman, and she is only 15 years old. The CD starts off with the slow, but powerful track "I Found It In You." A song about finding all that you need in the one you love. "Out There Somewhere" is a song about knowing that the right one for you is out there somewhere as long as you keep looking. She also does a very nice, if not haunting cover of the song "Ode To Billy Joe" originally done in 1967 by Bobbie Gentry. "Sunday Paper" is a fun up tempo song about a woman who is sick of hearing all her former loves excuses and tells him to just "put it in the Sunday paper." This is an outstanding CD from one of tomorrows superstars. -

"Ashley Gearing Has a Fan in NFL Star Chad Ochocinco"

Who knew that country artist Ashley Gearing is making music to work out to — for a superstar NFL wide receiver, no less! Cincinnati Bengals wide out and former ‘Dancing With the Stars’ contestant Chad Ochocinco tweeted about listening to Gearing’s lilting ballad ‘Five More Minutes’ while working out. While upbeat, fast and aggressive songs seem like more appropriate gym fare, maybe Ochocinco is on to something.

Ochocinco’s tweet read as follows: “Was in the gym with Ashley Gearing’s song entitled 5 More Minutes on repeat, awesome song. Something about country music is very compelling.” Not only is Ochocinco into Gearing’s song, but he also gave the country genre a ringing endorsement in 140 characters or less!

Gearing also benefited from the tweet, gaining 300 new followers within the first hour of it being posted. Ochocinco later tweeted another affirmation of his love for Gearing’s music, writing, “I’m pretty sure it’s Ashley Gearing that’s making country music compelling … yep, I’m positive.” He also tweeted about listening to Disturbed, too, so it was a musical day for Ochocinco.

Who knows — maybe one day Ashley Gearing will be able to sing the National Anthem at a Bengals game. - Taste Of Country


"Five More Minutes"
Single released 2011, Curb Records

"What You Think About Us"
Single released 2010, Curb Records

"Out The Window"
Single released 2008, Curb Records

"Maybe It's Time"
LP released 2006, Squeeze Records
Featured Tracks:
"I Found it in You"
"Too Bad You're No Good"
"Love Has a Life"
"Maybe It's Time"
"Out There Somewhere"
"Ode to Billy Joel"
"Sunday Paper"
"Back to Blue"
"Don't It Feel Good"
"Maybe It's Just the Moon"

"If You Can Dream"
Featured on "Disney Princess: The Ultimate Song Collection"
Released 2004, Walt Disney Records

"Can You Hear Me When I Talk to You"
Single released 2003, Lyric Street Records, Inc. 2004



Ashley will be joining the H2O II Tour featuring three-time Grammy-award winning and reigning Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year BRAD PAISLEY on Saturday, June 11 at its stop in Cleveland Ohio. Ticket information for this event can be found here:

Ashley will be among nine acts performing in addition to headliner Brad Paisley. The complete lineup is as follows:

Brad Paisley
Blake Shelton
Jerrod Niemann
Eden's Edge
Walker Hayes
Sunny Sweeney
Brent Anderson
Jacob Lyda
Katie Armiger
Ashley Gearing

Few artists become entertainment veterans while still in their teens, but 19-year-old Ashley Gearing is among an elite group of artists whose talent provided an early entrée into the competitive music business. Armed with a stellar voice, buoyant personality and impressive work ethic, Gearing is poised for long, successful career.

Audiences first heard the dynamic young singer when she made history at the age of 12, entering Billboard’s Hot Country Singles chart with the poignant “Can You Hear Me When I Talk To You,” thus supplanting a 46-year-old record previously held by Brenda Lee. She signed her first record deal on her 13th birthday. However, unlike many young artists who abandon a regular life for a music career, the Curb artist chose the road less traveled---high school. “I wanted to be home and not wash away my childhood,” the Massachusetts native says. “There have been so many stories about artists having trouble later on in life because they feel like they missed out on something as a kid. I definitely was aware of that and wanted to make sure that that wasn’t a mistake that I made.”

In just a few short years, Ashley has earned some major career achievements. She received ASCAP's "Uncut Diamond" award as a future Country rising star, performed numerous times on the famed stage of the Grand Ole Opry, and was voted Best Female Country artist in a New Country Artist poll in 2006.

Though she enjoyed her high school years, Gearing was far from the typical student. She continued to perform and made frequent trips to Nashville, working with acclaimed producer Byron Gallimore (Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, JoDee Messina) on her Curb Records debut. The lead single “What You Think About Us” is an infectious up tempo tune that showcases Gearing’s vibrant vocals and her prowess as a songwriter. “I was so excited that this was going to be my single because this is one of the first songs that I wrote in Nashville,” she says. “I wrote it with Ben Glover and Brian Davis. They are great songwriters and great friends to me. I really feel like it captures my sound and what I want people to think of when they think of Ashley Gearing. It’s really young and fresh, but yet it’s relatable to so many different people.”

Curb Records Sr. VP/General Manager, Dennis Hannon, is excited about the label's newest talent, "Ashley is a triple threat: young, talented and beautiful, I think she's got a long successful career ahead of her and I'm thrilled that she's part of our Curb family."

In crafting her debut disc Gearing knew what she was aiming to deliver. “I want this album to be something that is all me,” she says. “When I first started recording, there was a bunch of songs that I had recorded that Curb thought that would be great songs for my voice. That was when I was still trying to figure out who I was and what kind of artist I wanted to be. Since then, I started writing, moved to Nashville alone and started college. I’m going to school two days a week and writing three days a week and recording. I’m learning so much about the business and I have so many great friends that are guiding me, but also I am learning a lot on my own. It’s a journey.”

Ashley has shared the stage with major country stars such as Rodney Adkins, Darius Rucker, Justin Moore, Craig Campbell, Julianne Hough, Chuck Wicks, Sunny Sweeney, Ty Herndon, Walker Hayes, Christian Kane, and Lo Cash Cowboys. She has also secured a spot as an opener for Brad Paisley during his H20 Tour stop in Cleveland, OH.

Besides playing numerous festivals and packed stadiums, Ashley has performed with the Boston Pops, at the homecoming celebration for General Tommy Franks, and on national television for the Boston Red Sox on numerous occasions, including the national playoffs with the New York Yankees in 2004.

Ashley has also recorded music for the Walt Disney CD Series, DISNEYMANIA, with an incredible version of "When You Wish Up On A Star". Most recently, she was a featured guest on numerous national radio shows, including the famed "Rick and Bubba" show.

Almost as amazing as her musical talent is her ability to connect with fans. In her first year of maintaining a MySpace webpage, she has had in excess of over 1,450,000 hits. With a tremendous fan base on that site alone, she is a force to be taken seriously.