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Ashley Laschelle

Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo R&B Soul




"Ashley Laschelle"

R&B Music comes full circle with the sensational songstress Ashley Laschelle who delivers powerful performances with each note she sings. It is her passion for the popular genre that comes through in her stage performances and in the lyrics she writes. This is why our publication is loving the music of R&B Singer/Songwriter Ashley Laschelle. Are you ready to discover a gem in the music industry? Then look no further. Meet Ashley Laschelle who promises to entertain music lovers from all over the world. - Junior's Cave Blog

"Finally Free"

As we toast to the New Year, Reflective Music releases the feel- good inspirational, “Finally Free” featuring their songstress, Ashley Laschelle, and featuring Mz. Notra (KTF) and Sarah Marie Young, what a collaboration. Written by Andre DuBois and Daniel Tabion, “Finally Free” was produced and mastered in Chicago. The song is meant to speak to those who are letting negative impacts hold them back and distract them from their greatness.
- Joyce Sparks - Underground Joyride

"Against All Odds"

Miss Ashley Laschelle is a Columbia College graduate (major: Vocal Jazz Performance) and has been singing since the age of 4. Ashley’s [musical] success comes from not following the mainstream music genre, believing in herself, and a desire to inspire others. Her first LP Letting Go (not fully represented) tells a story about womanhood and coming of age. Produced by Andre DuBois, Ashley did indeed let go of fear and replenish her presence with self-confidence, and faith. Influences include Anita Baker [thanks for putting me on, Mom], Stephanie Mills, Patrice Russian, and Natalie Cole- “all who represent struggle, and didn’t have to do the most- you know, the Sangers.” With unconditional support [and lack thereof] from different directions since the beginning, Ashley believed in her own melody and lyrics to keep her best foot forward. “If that’s your passion [to perform], don’t let anyone stop you- just do it.” - Kendra Marie. - Call the Press

"Krowned: Ashley Laschelle - Letting Go"

This is such an awesome album. The themes include harboring pain, depression, hopelessness and eventually progressing, then letting all the negativity go. We literally see Ashley grow with each song, and some of us can even feel her exact messages in each lyric. This is an AWESOME album… Executively produced by herself and Andre Dubois, with fantastic musical appearances by Mz.Notra, D2G, and Sarah Marie Young…. This is an AWESOME album… It nurtures you, it empowers you, and it helps you confront some of those painful things you go through and let them GO!

Great job Ashley Laschelle and team!

Press Play! - All Hail the Kween

"Ashley Laschelle: Letting Go"

Chicago songstress Ashley Laschelle dropped her long awaited debut album “Letting Go” back in October. Ashley is serving up classic R & B vocals on this project with tracks like “Finally Free”, “Fed Up” and the title track “Letting Go”. Sista girl lets her church roots shine on songs like “The Climb” and “Mountain Top”. Ashley and her Reflective Music team put together a nice easy listen on this album so if you’ve been missing that classic 90′s R & B feeling in your spirit be sure to check this young lady out. Support this independent artist by purchasing her album avaiable on iTunes as well as the Amazon. Here’s a little sample “I Choose Love” check it out. - Proclaimed Truth

"Ashley Laschelle: Music As a Language"

To create an R&B album is a difficult task. It’s like having a baby, a child and raising it- sometimes by yourself. It hurts, it takes time, you get cranky and sometimes unexpected shit happens. You go through hell and throughout the process – you offer a lot of tough love. Once you’re done, you have given the world a gift that hopefully you can be proud of.

Chicago R&B artist, Ashley Laschelle is in her third trimester of delivering her second album, “Letting Go”. With more creative control over her project this time around and a wiser mind, she’s ready for the world to know who she is: Ashley Laschelle.

Singing since she was four, her family knew she was destined to have music in her future. From high school to adulthood, Laschelle studied music all day long, every day. Soon after graduating from Columbia College Chicago, with a degree in Jazz, she created her first solo project; “The Introduction.” Laschelle says she learned a lot from her first release. “I met a lot of great people with that project…It was nice putting all the elements together.” Laschelle’s admits that the purpose that album served was to have a product out there, something to say that she was an up and coming artist and here is the music to prove it.

But a lot has changed since that moment, she’s now back with new life lessons and a clear mindset, Laschelle is gearing up to release her newest project, “Letting Go”. Letting Go is a combination of “growing pains honestly”, admits Laschelle. “I learned a lot from the first album; not only behind the scenes with making the music, but also just life.” In a serious and personal tone, Laschelle explains to us the hard transition of releasing a project from then until now:

“I’m older now and sometimes you let critics talk to you any kind of way and I have a sensitive soul sometimes and it makes you discouraged to where you don’t wanna do something that’s your calling.”

After the release of, “The Introduction”, Laschelle left the music scene for a while.

“I took a break from recording and I sat and thought and prayed and reflected on my life. I let the music come back to me. I let my love for the music come back to me.”

Something that Laschelle loves about music and something that brought her back was the language itself. “You can express yourself, by putting lyrics out there and having someone relate. I music is a different language and I love it.” Now that she’s back with, “Letting Go”, Laschelle says, “It’s me coming into my own. I’m more confident and wiser, I know what I want to do in life and I know what my calling is.”

Although there has been no formal date set for the release, she says her team is looking to release this Spring. Until then Laschelle continues to write, record and get ready for finalization of the album. “I’m a whole lot calmer this time around and it feels good… its a great feeling.”

Twitter: @Ashley Laschelle

Sound Cloud: Ashley Laschelle
- Underground Joyride


Still working on that hot first release.



WomenInCharg3 Award-Winner Ashley Laschelle was born and raised in Chicago, IL. As a youth, she listened to many of the soulful oldies played at home by her parents, which have come to largely define who she is as an artist today. Although her talent was presented at a very early stage in her life, it was at nine years old that Ashley began vocal training for jazz performance. Performing with the All City Youth Chorus lasted for six years and carried on through high school where she then performed with the All City High School Chorus. To enhance her talent and make continuous steps toward fulfilling her dream of becoming an internationally appreciated voice, she continued her education at Columbia College Chicago. It was there that Ashley truly found her voice and grew comfortable enough to push past boundaries

After releasing The Introduction in 2011, Ashley Laschelle continued to pad her resume by singing in theatrical productions and providing background vocals for several of Chicago's finest independent artists, including Natalie Oliveri, Sarah Marie Young, Nicole Garza, Pat Smillie, and Pennjamin Bannekar. She has also been recognized as the first African-American to sing a solo at the Burnaby Lyric Opera in British Columbia, Canada. After teaming up with Reflective Music, LLC, Ashley released her sophomore project Letting Go and went on to win the WomenInCharg3 R&B artist award in 2015. Ashley hopes to reach supporters that can strongly relate to the message being delivered, as well as the passion she possesses for music and her desire to encourage and inspire the youth through the arts.

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