Ashley McBryde

Ashley McBryde

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Artists like Ashley McBryde are as much a joy, as they are rare these days. She blends her sometimes vulnerable and highly personal story telling style with a unique, modern country sound that will both steal your heart and make you wanna rock out with this down home, country bad girl all night long


Raw talent combined with a whiskey washed sense of humor has been used to describe singer-songwriter Ashley McBryde. Mentor and famed co-writer, Lisa Carver (Reba McEntire, Willie Nelson), described her as a “writer’s writer.” Put her on a stage and you will see and hear that she is the nicest bad girl you’ve ever met.

Released in June 2011, Ashley’s latest album, ‘Elsebound’, was recorded in Nashville at Hot Haus Studio with producer Mike Holmes. As the writer or co-writer of every song on the album, this work shows you the lyrical narrative Ashley is able to weave together that can make you wish longingly for an old flame or stomp your boot on the barroom floor.
The 11-song Americana -Country album was performed by seasoned veterans such as drummer Ed Greene (The Temptations, B.B. King), bassist Bob Marinelli (Larry Gatlin), and guitarist Lauren Ellis (Rita Coolidge, Nell Carter). Tracks like “Marlboro Man” and “Little Tragedy” guide you through heartache and loss, while “Holy Water” and “Break It Fast” show you her naughty, playful side.

Ashley says, “This CD is a collection of loose ends and lullabies. Each tune is a tiny little confession. Call it an occupational hazard…My dirty laundry is sometimes your entertainment and sometimes yours is mine.”

Ashley released her self-titled debut album in January 2006. This heart-wrenching album displays simple and honest lyrics that run the gamut of emotions. Ashley describes her album as “one of the ones you can turn to when you’re hurting. Use the songs to get through a rough patch, to face one ahead, or celebrate one you’ve just come through.” Her CD features her playing the acoustic guitar and lyrics that paint a picture way beyond her years.

As the reigning Tennessee state champion of the Colgate Country Showdown for 2009 and 2010, Ashley’s list of accomplishments speaks for itself. In 2010, her band was named the best band in Southern Tennessee at the Battle of the Bands in Lewisburg, TN. She has opened for acts such as Chris Cagle, Beth Hart, Johnny Lee and the Urban Cowboys, and Point of Grace. She has hosted her own round at the prestigious Bluebird Cafe, and can be seen playing around Nashville at The Commodore Grille and Cadillac Ranch. Ashley is currently playing regular shows in Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee to promote the release of her new album, ‘Elsebound’.

Johnny Lee once told her, “Honey, I can tell you’re gonna do this the rest of your life. Now if you never make it big…That doesn’t matter. But if you quit before you die…It’ll matter the rest of your life. It’s in your blood.”

One of Ashley’s biggest influences, Carl Jackson, gave her some advice regarding her songwriting that she carries with her. He said, “You’re not the one writing the songs, the songs are writing you. You have no idea that you are writing the soundtrack to your life.”

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Good Ole Friend of Mine

Written By: Ashley McBryde

I’m a dreamer and a writer, a lover and a liar
I’ve been accused of wasting too much time
I’m just glad I’m breathing cause I’m barely breaking even
Just getting by is a good ol’friend of mine

There ain’t a thing I don’t know about flying solo
I’ve been known to disappear from time to time
there ain’t nothing I can’t outrun with my guitar ridin’ shotgun
this lonely road is a good ol’ friend of mine

up all night tries to take a toll on me
seems like Sunday morning and Saturday night don’t always agree
that’s alright I’m in good company

Well I’m the one you get close to even though you ain’t supposed to
cause there ain’t no way in hell I can walk the line
cause I’m the last sip of whiskey ,oh you know you’re gonna miss me
cause this movin’ on is good ol’ friend of mine
its a good ol’ friend of mine
is a good ol’ friend of mine
good ol’ friend of mine


Written By: Ashley McBryde

Rows and rows of
Blacks and Yellows in the tall grass
By a highway
that don't see too many cars pass
the hills roll gently
down by the church that saved my soul
just a mile from
the only home I've ever known
My first kiss is in that old tin barn
they old hey loft helped me break my arm
I can't remember if I cried at all
I miss you Arkansas

There ain't no sidewalks
up on highway 24
there ain't no stop lights
there ain't much worth stopping for
that old swing was out on Papa's porch
it's been gone now for years of course
Nothin' like it in the fall
I miss you Arkansas

I know it's rare
I know what I had
That barbed wire garden made me
most of who I am

This Concrete empire
Outside my window frame tonight
Can't hold a bonfire
like an Ozark mountain campsite
The lights of Broadway they called me out
I came out here to make you proud.
I know you'll catch me if I fall
I miss you Arkansas
I miss you Arkansas
I miss you

Little Tragedy

Written By: Ashley McBryde

We were alone
in a crowd of a thousand
standing under a giant Ferris wheel
Covered my shoulders
breeze off the ocean
December on the Santa Monica Pier
You were there...

We were at home
dinner was over
the one I love was anxious for a kiss
I know I shouldn’t
most times I wouldn’t
but I offered my cheek
a swing and a miss
you were there

Why can't you just turn me loose
from whatever’s inside of you
and find another tortured port of call
I can count 'em one by one
the moments I've been absent from
'cause I can’t get me rid of you at all

Dark quiet hours
Moon through a window
a hand on my shoulder, face the wall
I gotta shake it
I know he's achin'
And I'm just praying soon sleep will fall.

Red wine and roses
dancing and laughin
it's good to see us smiling once again
I got it handled
once and for always
the preacher asked me if I do and then
you were there..

Why can't you just turn me loose
from whatever’s inside of you
and find another tortured port of call
I can count 'em one by one
the moments I've been absent from
'cause I can’t get me rid of you at all

No I can't get me rid of you at all.

Holy Water

Written By: Ashley McBryde

Father, father
Hear my confession
I ain't had a prayer in way too many years
And Mary I ain't seen her face
or said her name or felt her grace
Thats how I wound up at your place
sitting right here

(4 bars "Intro")

I bow my head now
gotta get it all out
Lord, there’s just something about breaking all the rules
I can't resist a real good time
Swear I'm not the cheating kind
But once again I find myself
With nothing left to lose

I need salvation in a bottle
sweet redemption in a glass
I need your 90 proof forgiveness
Pour a double, make it fast
Have Mary turn the Jukebox up
This ole girl just had enough
And i’m waiting here at the altar
for that Holy Water

Just keep ‘em comin'
I don't wanna feel nothin'
Unless you've got somethin'
That's gonna change my ways
'cause I'm the Patron Saint of bad good-byes
I’m heartbreak proof and 12 feet high
Don't bother saving me tonight
It's too late
(I've got)

(Chorus 2x)


Written By: Ashley McBryde

Different Zip code Different town
My whole life turned upside down
I was so gone
I tried to wade through all the guilt
I walked away knowing still
I was so wrong
I waited outside, hopin you'd chase me out the door.
When it finally hit me, I said
Just what am I waiting for

And the Wheels turned
and the miles added up
I forgave myself for saying I'd had enough
I wasted so much time over what we were gonna be
It's gonna take a while to get back to where I look
a little more like me
But It's all about the journey.

A pack of Marlboros and a coke
I didn’t even know I smoke
Guess I'm startin
It makes me smile to think of you
and just how much you'd disapprove
and I spark one
That sign says it's the last of it's kind 'till mile 202
And that suits me fine 'Cause
I don't plan on pullin over any time soon.

'Cause the wheels turn
and the miles are on my side
got my sights set on where the road and sunset collide
if I'd known then what I'd feel now
I woulda never said I was sorry
I'm on my own 'cause truth be known ,
you never did deserve me
But it's all about the journey.

Oh it's all about the journey

Why Do I

Written By: Ashley McBryde and Lani Nash

I started out with nothing
I've still got most of it left
Almost enough to convince myself
that I've been doing my best

I've got so much potential
but I sit on my hands
and I cross every line
just to prove that I can

I'm going broke saving money
laugh all you want to
but baby it aint funny
I know you mean well
I dont know why it hurts
I stand out in the rain
But Im dying of thirst

Chorus :
Oh why, Why do I
Beg you to love me
When I know I cant win?
why do I
Beg you to stay
When I won't let you in?

I've got no good excuse
But I'll give you one or two
it was over from the start
I had already severed all the ties to my heart
Oh I blame on my boots,
the fault of my feet
I'd walk through the fire
but I can't stand the heat


awe you're damned if you do and
Damned if you don't
'Cause I can't let you love me
and I won't let you go.

(Chorus 2x)

I won't let you in....

Break It Fast

Written By: Ashley McBryde

Strong and wild
Like a Carolina summer wind
You come blowing
In and out of my life again
I drop what I’m doing everytime you come around
I only hear you knocking about the time
I decide to settle down.

It’s not healthy
My friends tell me all the time
I gotta lose your number ,
Find someone and make ‘em mine.
I hate to say it but it’s hard to disagree
You only hold me long enough
To leave your mark on me.
Won’t you leave me baby
Let me watch you walk away
‘Cause believe me baby it may be what it’s gonna take.
I’m not the first and I’ve got a feeling I ain’t the last.
So I need you to break my heart.
Aw baby break it fast.

Lost and lonely
You leave me somewhere in the night.
If you ever loved me
Love me enough to twist the knife.
I miss every broken minute and the heartache of it is
I’d still walk right off the edge to taste the poison on your lips.

Won’t you leave me baby
Let me watch you walk away
‘Cause believe me baby it may be what it’s gonna take.
I’m not the first and I’ve got a feeling I ain’t the last.
So I need you to break my heart.
Aw baby break it fast.

Won’t you leave me baby, Let me watch you walk away
Won’t you leave me baby, Let me watch you walk away
Won’t you leave me baby, Let me watch you walk away
Won’t you leave me baby, Let me watch you walk away
Oh let me watch you, Let me watch you
Let me watch you walk away
Why don’t you, why won’t you walk away


Album: Elsebound released June 2011

Set List

Ashley's performances include original songs as well as cover songs. Ashley knows over 300 cover songs from various genres.

9 to 5 - Dolly Parton
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover - Paul Simon
Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers
American Girl - Tom Petty
Baby Girl - Sugarland
Baby's Got Her Bluejeans On - Mel McDaniel
Baggage Claim-Miranda Lambert
The Biggest Thing - Deanna Bryant
Black Velvet - Alana Miles
Blame It On Your Heart - Patty Loveless
Bluest Eyes in Texas - Little Texas
Bobby McGee - Janis Joplin
Born To Fly - Sarah Evans
Buy You a Drink – T- Pain
Devil Went Down To Georgia - Charlie Daniels
Dinosaur - Hank Williams Jr.
Dirty In Spanish - Lorrie Morgan
Dixieland Delight - Alabama
Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding
Don’t Think I Don’t - Darius Rucker
Dreams - Fleetwood Mac
Drift Away - Dobie Gray
Drinking My Baby Goodbye - Charlie Daniels
Dust on the Bottle-David Lee Murphy
Faith - George Michael
Fireman - George Strait
First Cut Is The Deepest - Sheryl Crow