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god what a life

Written By: ashley mills sibley

that dad wants that other wife who seems to have it all. god what a life. a boy waits for his friends who tease him behind his back. god what a life.

maybe its just me. maybe i just don't see what you do. maybe i'm scared. maybe i just fear that god gave me this life.

people wonder far from their dreams, they don't even realize. god what a life. attack this world with bombs and trash and tell me you give a care. god what a life.

maybe its all spoken. maybe its all broken - you're a fake. you wasted flying by never trying, do you want to throw it away?

its across the sea. inevitability. and we'll gravitate. to our true fate. bring this soul back to me.

we'll destroy our earth before we know how to save it. god what a life. pity our lives my guilt built inside for what we can't take back. god what a life. god what a life. god what a life. what a life what a life.