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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Comcast Media Center Produces HDTV"

Denver, Colo. December 30, 2003 – Comcast Media Center teamed up with an emerging Pop artist, ASHLIE, to produce a music video in HDTV. The video, which was produced in conjunction with Astoria Productions and directed by John Lewis, will be available to retailers for their use in demonstrating HDTV content and as a demo for music video producers considering HDTV for their future productions. Represented by Ed Brown Management, ASHLIE is currently working on her first record label contract and expects to incorporate the music videos into her national promotion activities. “As we’re seeing with the popularity of live concerts, music videos represent a genre of television that lends itself to high definition television and the state of the art digital surround sound that accompanies those images,” stated Gary Traver, Senior Vice President & COO for the Comcast Media Center. As more households and public venues purchase HDTV sets, we’re going to see an increased demand for content that takes full advantage of the medium.” ASHLIE is a solo artist with a full team of background dancers that has been appearing in the Denver area to growing audiences for the past year and a half. She writes all of her own music and her genre of Pop music endorses positive lifestyles, intelligence, academics, creativity and culture, encouraging people to seek excellence in their own lives. ASHLIE recorded two of her popular Pop songs in HDTV in the CMC’s 6,400 - square foot studio before a live concert audience of over 350 fans. “ASHLIE challenges listeners to expand their minds and promotes a dialogue of understanding and harmony. This was a terrific opportunity for her, who has recorded nine songs and is ready to cut her first CD,” stated Ed Brown, President of Ed Brown Management. Brown has over 30 years experience in the music industry and has promoted a number of the country’s top pop performers, including the Village People, Hall & Oates, the Gap Band and Donna Summer. He founded his own management company in 1991. “You have to see a music performance captured in HD to really appreciate how much this innovation enhances the visual quality of every movement and expression,” said Ingrid Faraj-Brown, founder of Astoria Productions. Faraj-Brown, who performed nationally and internationally and currently composes and choreographs and produces musical performances, has been a Grammy voting member for the past 20 years. Comcast Media Center houses four studios, including audio and video postproduction facilities. The music videos were produced using Panasonic’s VeriCam HD cameras and CMC’s Avid| DS HD postproduction suite. For additional information about ASHLIE, contact Ed Brown at Brown Management, PO Box 620158, Littleton, CO 80162, 303-547-3109, email, or visit the website at - Comcast Media Center Press Release

"Comcast Media Center produces HD music video"

Jan 6, 2004. The Comcast Media Center has teamed up with ASHLIE, an emerging solo Pop/R&B artist, to produce a music video in high-definition. The video, produced in conjunction with Astoria Productions and directed by John Lewis, will be made available to retailers for their use in demonstrating HDTV content. - CED Magazine

"The BUZZ"

Jan '05
ASHLIE is a talented young artist, combining Pop, R&B, Hip Hop and Rock into her unique style. ASHLIE'S confidence, determination and undeniable talent are forcing music industry insiders and pop music fans to take notice. Although she is still a teenager, ASHLIE sings and commands the stage like a seasoned veteran. Catch the buzz and watch ASHLIE do her thing.

""ASHLIE" to perform at Summer Jam '04"

Based upon reactions from her growing fanbase, Ashlie, the only Denver-based recording artist performing at KS 1075’s Summer Jam on June 5th, 2004, is going to blow everyone away with her perfected, high-energy performance. She already has national support from Mr. Reid. And that is not the only accomplishment worth noting:

Ashlie will open for such artists as Ashanti and Ja-Rule at the sold out event. Ashlie’s performance will include her latest recordings of the remake "What's love got to do with it", and her fans favorite, "I'm Not The One." - Rocky Mountain News

"Rocky Mountain"

ASHLIE is coming and she is taking over.
ASHLIE is shooting her first music video at the Comcast Media Center on Friday September 5, 2003. Comcast initially selected three different acts to shoot their high-definition television video (HDTV). ASHLIE was going to be the opening act for two larger, nationally known bands. However, when Comcast heard her tunes and met her, suddenly, she was the only one needed. - Aaron MCCullough


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Feeling a bit camera shy


Few seasoned performers can boast the experience and innovation of the sensational teenage entertainment prodigy, Ashlie.

The exotic, curvy 5’2” power singer has rendered audiences awestruck since she first began her recording career at the age of 8 years old. Since that time, Ashlie has recorded four children’s compact discs, laying the groundwork for her modern, cutting edge, Pop/R&B tracks with a positive message.

Ashlie is in demand on a grand scale. She was asked to pioneer the first ever HDTV music video, then filmed two more music videos to solidify her status as a serious artist. Numerous requests for commercial appearances then followed.

Ashlie’s talent and presence is rarely seen in a young teenager, but Ashlie is not typical and cannot be labeled or categorized. She is America’s youth. Ashlie is a melting pot of cultures with her dark skin, blonde hair and beaming blue eyes. Her face embodies the face of every American teen and her recordings follow suit, striking a powerful chord among her peers.

When you sample Ashlie, you experience not only the future of American artists, but what present performers strive to be and what the past has sorely missed.

Please view ASHLIE'S live performance at the following link.