"ASHLIE" is a POP artist who has a great sound mixed with thought provoking, positive lyrics, and groundbreaking beats. She masterfully combines Pop Rock and Hip Hop into her exhilerating performances and recordings.


Few seasoned performers can boast the experience and innovation of the sensational teenage entertainment prodigy, Ashlie.

The exotic, curvy 5’2” power singer has rendered audiences awestruck since she first began her recording career at the age of 8 years old. Since that time, Ashlie has recorded four children’s compact discs, laying the groundwork for her modern, cutting edge, Pop/R&B tracks with a positive message.

Ashlie is in demand on a grand scale. She was asked to pioneer the first ever HDTV music video, then filmed two more music videos to solidify her status as a serious artist. Numerous requests for commercial appearances then followed.

Ashlie’s talent and presence is rarely seen in a young teenager, but Ashlie is not typical and cannot be labeled or categorized. She is America’s youth. Ashlie is a melting pot of cultures with her dark skin, blonde hair and beaming blue eyes. Her face embodies the face of every American teen and her recordings follow suit, striking a powerful chord among her peers.

When you sample Ashlie, you experience not only the future of American artists, but what present performers strive to be and what the past has sorely missed.

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Set List

Taking Over
For The Love Of Music
Im Not The One
Whats Love Got To Do With It
Get It On Me
Dedicate This To You