Ash Node

Ash Node


Inspired by the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi, Ash Node are an anthemic rock band who pride themselves on their commercial songwriting skills and their energetic performances. The band will give you everything they have to get the crowd going...


Brighton-born, London-based, Ash Node wear their influences quite proudly through their six-strings. From pop mentalities to ambitious low-fi’s, the bombastic, staple your nuts to the ceiling rock, battles their epically-voiced noise, tearing through the scenster elite to a far more honest point.

What they do is nothing too shocking to authentic rock fans; rather it’s their youthful gusto and articulation, banging delicately into modern pop influences, that earns their reputation. They may have been inspired by every decent rock record from Thin Lizzy to Rush, but the onstage freewheeling of brothers Brett and Daniel and guitarists Greg and James throws all pretention out the window. “We don’t take ourselves too seriously because we love what we do, rather than host a belief rock should be all about moody looks”, says Brett, front man of the emerging nu-classic rock outfit.

Jonny Kirkham (brand manager Red Stripe):
“Energetic, honest rock n roll band with a Springsteen edge... Definitely bound to get the crowd on their feet. A band really establishing themselves on the live circuit”

Alex Lee Thomson (Rockfeedback and The Fly):
“Ash Node represent rowdy, ballsy and quite honest rock music. The kind of music you were brought up on, before the man had his way”

Band Republic:
"Their performance simply got better as the evening progressed. And when they start to give dance lessons-I want to be at the head of the queue."

London Live Bands:
"It’s like they come back at you with some real hard rock that knocks you back a step, makes you sit up straight again and notice: ASH NODE."


Wanted and Follow me have been on both local and internet radio.

Set List

Jungle City
Cross that Line
Follow me
Under my Skin

The set lasts for around 25 minutes.
Can also play a number of classic rock covers!