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"Preface to Marc"

Still lake and in the mind
There is the entrance of the labyrinth and proceed to slide the mirror-like surface of the lake aboard the boat floating in there

asholic sound is emitted from it
And that sound
Sounds on the lake a lake in the heart of everyone

I want you to listen to your mind first as Still So
I want to feel it to resonate with the ear rather than

"Guidance of Marc"
It is the art of blue
Free color azure dancing on canvas
I was summoned by gravity
Color of a miracle

However, the deep azure calm down
Its identity is not a cold sea
It 's a pale flame

Its flame that lit the fire for those who listen to music quietly quietly
Not exhausted as red flame never burns
You're going to like it lights the candles one by one
Light the human mind

lie was encased in glass crushed feelings you want to convey to the mind of asholic pierce like an arrow of light like

That's the Guidance of Marc

Encounter with the true self
Members lit a light to the listener gently trembling with anxiety

asholic art is probably going to move the hearts of the people of how much - DIY


Self-released the 1st Single "Lemmings / answer" in 2011
We will realease the 1st mini album "Guidance of Marc" on March 2013




September : Formed by Daisuke Narumi.
October : We uploaded MV "Lemmings" . It was viewed 32000 times on YouTube in one year.


February: First gig was First three man cell event and First event,
ticket which we planed was SOLD OUT. (capacity 250 people)
May : Took a break due to the different views for orientation between members.
September : Manabu Hatakeyama joined. Restart as a unit.
November : Youta Nishimoto joined.
December : Performed in Shibuya Public Hall (capacity 2500 people). We uploaded MV "Time Limit" . It was viewed 10000 times on YouTube in one month.