Boston, Massachusetts, USA

We're a diverse but focused group of musicians, bringing together an eclectic form of melodic rock and experimental effects to craft a unique sound with both an edge and intimacy. Our songs range from atmospheric textures to introspective songwriting to driving rhythm with an urgency seldom found.


Your songs keep singing in my head…

The band’s music is an eclectic form of melodic rock and experimental technology-driven effects that craft a unique sound with both an edge and an intimacy. The songs feature atmospheric textures and introspective lyrics, with distinct and driving rhythms.

Ashpark was formed in Boston in 2008 as a collaboration of Ariel Aparicio’s songwriting and guitar, Josh Jordan’s thunderous bass and piano, Chris Barnes’ classically-trained drums and Chris Burke’s echo-driven guitar. The band began crafting their songs as a blend of dream pop and driving rock, and soon after started playing local venues.

2010 saw significant time spent in the studio with producer Chris McLaughlin of Studio 1867, as well as Brian Charles and Annie Hoffman of Zippah Studios, further developing the band’s sound. In March of 2012 after months of careful crafting and with helpful guidance from Jim Gilbert of The Sheila Divine, the band released their debut full-length album, Life in Satellites. Several tracks from LiS including “The Riddle,” “Slow Breaths,” “Move Forward” and “This Condition” received significant airplay on WZLX’s Boston Emissions as well as numerous college stations across the country.

Following the departure of Josh in 2012, the band has been focused on writing new music tapping into more electronic and dance influences, mixing elements of dubstep with rock, trance with pop to create a unique sound. Ashpark worked closely with new producer Taylor Barefoot throughout early 2013 to craft two new singles: “Not The Only One” and “Found Escape”, both slated for release in summer 2013.


Not The Only One

Written By: Ashpark

You could be the rising sun
But you’re not the only one
You could be the hidden path
But you’re not the only one
You could be the golden prize
I try holding to

But I’m not the only one
You love

I could be your wildest card
But I’m not the king of hearts
Know I’m not the only one
To get thrown into the fire
But I could be the only one

You should hold on to

Found Escape

Written By: Ashpark

There's nothing to hide
Nothing we fear
You and I belong together

I'm finally here
To stand with no shields
You and I belong together

With all the lights you flicker on
The pavement leads the way
Of all the life that walks along
It’s you and I today

I know that we have found escape

In paintings I find
The colors you spill
You and I belong together

The songs underground
We sing them out loud
You and I belong together

Sky tall, sky tall
I see what you see
Sky tall sky tall
The lonely view we’re in

Reflections on glass
The wink of your eye
You and I belong together


Not The Only One (Single) - July 2013
Life in Satellites (LP) - March 2012

Set List

Found Escape
Not the Only One
The Riddle
On The Line
Look at me That Way
Slow Breaths