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"Ash Riot - This Time I'll Forgive You...Again"

ASH RIOT - This Time I´ll Forgive You...Again

When you´re having a bad day it´s always cool to come home and listen to great tunes to unwind. After picking up this ´Ash Riot´ CD from my PO Box I can safely say this won't be out of my player for a while. I really like what this woman is doing and while many compare her to ´Bif Naked´ and ´Hole´ they fail to recognise this woman in her own right. Yes, Ash Riot leaves me feeling impressed and I felt at ease with her sound from the moment I heard the opening track ´Glamour Glamour´. That opening number is a great Punk Rock N Roll track - Though let´s not forget tracks like ´Heroin Halo´, ´Liar With A Black Heart´ and ´It´s Still Raining´ which are brilliant. While many 1977 Punks may not dig this style of Punk Rock it´s great to see people like Ash Riot and her band playing Rock N Roll with a bit of quality and sincerity. There´s the real deal and there are fakers - Ash Riot is the real deal. She´s one of the best artists to come out of Canada in a long time. Twelve tracks in all and there´s not one you´ll hate - Promise! (Riot) 9.5/10

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Promoter Response History:
Date: 2/20/2006 8:39:22 PM
Status: Selected
Response: We are pleased to advise that your track has been selected for a subsidised spot on the SXSW New Generation Compilation CD by TuneTank.

The CD will be distributed to 2000 music industry delegates attending SXSW, the largest music convention in the USA.

Kind regards
From all the Crew @ TuneTank


- Tunetank SXSW New Generation 2006

"Selected Again!"

Promoter Response History:
Date: 12/29/2005 5:58:16 PM
Status: Selected

Thank you for your submission to indie104.7 FM iRADIO LA, America's #1 Independent Radio Station. Your submission has been selected for radio airplay. Your track has been added to our playlist but may not show up on the website listing for a few days.

- Indie 104.7 FM iRadio LA

"Ash Riot-This Time I'll Forgive You...Again"

The first single is the pop-punk track "Heroin Halo". A
standout on Ash's new CD, the track is a vicarious look at the
lives of punk-rock luminaries Sid Vicious, Kurt Cobain, and
Courtney Love. Its alluring beat and memorable lyrics delivered
with Joan Jett prowess, make for a shoe-in at rock and modern rock radio.

Bessie Bullard

dB Promotions & Publicity Inc.
- dB Promotions & Publicity Inc.

"Locals Only Show"

Locals Only Show-KISM Radio Bellingham Washington,November 13, 2005: "Ash Riot is one of Vancouver's rising stars. Edgy, alternative rock powered by a distinctive feminine touch, this group rocks. Tune in to hear one of the Lower Mainland’s most exciting new rockers"

- KISM Independent Rock

"Locals Only Show"

Locals Only Show-KISM Radio, Bellingham, Washington, November 20th: "Ash Riot is one of Vancouver's rising stars. We had a great time listening to her new I'll Forgive You This Time Again. Though twisted love interests inhabit much of Ash's music, she was an absolute joy to have in the studio. Full of life and enthusiasm, this rocker just may make enough waves to float to the top!" - KISM Independent Rock, Bellingham,Washington

"E Entertainment Today"

Quickspins: Capsule reviews of this week's new CDs

Tom Harrison, John P. McLaughlin and Stuart Derdeyn

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

ASH RIOT: This Time I'll Forgive You . . . Again (Riot Records
"If there was any doubt of the punk/pop esthetic at work here, the tattoo-parlour endorsement in the liner notes should seal it. The dozen tracks, particularly "Heroin Halo," indicate a future for this woman!" B+
- Stuart Derdeyn
At the Railway Club Sunday

- The Province Newspaper Vancouver

"This rocker is a real Riot!"

After even a quick study of her song titles and lyric sheet, Ash Riot sounds like a real downer.
But in person, the tattooed Cloverdale rocker is downtown jovial.
Riot-penned songs such as "Cold Water Romance," "It's Still Raining" and "Cyanide (All My Misery)" say little about the songwriter and her "other" life - as a Christian-schooled ex-folkie given the name Ashley Schram by loving parents George and Janis.
"My record is full of angst," Riot says with a laugh. "It's not that my life's been that way, I've just absorbed how to write like that, I suppose, because of what I've listened to all my life - Nirvana and Joy Division, the goth stuff, The Cure. You don't hear too many happy songs from those bands, mostly just how-I'm-dying songs. To write a happy song just seems weird, honestly. Like, what do I say? 'Thank you for this happy day, I love you.' Yeah, I don't do that. I'll tell that to some body, not write it in a song."
Instead, Riot is happier writing a pop-punk track such as "Heroin Halo," a standout on her new CD, called This Time I'll Forgive You... Again, recorded by Rick Boulter at Surrey's Cosmic Pig Studios.
"It's not about somebody specific," she says of the song, "but there are so many people in the punk-rock scene who are my heroes, so it's (about) imagining what they went through - Sid Vicious, Kurt Cobain and Courtney, those people. It's an experience through their lives because I'd never touch hard drugs - just the occasional vodka or something, that's about it."
Tom Zillich, Editor
- The Now Newspaper

"Rebel and Riot Ash Riot's new CD"

Rebel and Riot Ash Riot's new CD deals with heartache, anger and revenge

By Andrea Johnson
Times Reporter
Dec 09 2005

Ash Riot's unforgettable calling card is written on her left hand.
It's not scribbled on her palm. Rather, the letters R-I-O-T are tattooed in black ink across each of her knuckles.
A spider web tatoo surrounds her left elbow; others honouring her favourite bands and singers adorn her right and left forearms.
Tattoos are part of the Langley punk rocker's identity.
"I got my first one when I was 16 and I want to put more on my arms, chest and back," she said.
"I have Riot on my left hand, and I want to put something on my right hand, but I haven't found anything yet.
"Tattoos and music go hand in hand. When you love something so much, you can make it part of yourself, rather than buying an album."
Ash Riot isn't buying any albums these days. Instead, the 21-year-old is recording, promoting and selling them.
She just released her second independent CD, This Time I'll Forgive You...Again, officially launched two weeks ago at Vancouver's The Railway Club.
Recorded at Surrey's Cosmic Pig Studios on and off for the last 18 months with Rick Boulter, she spent two years writing the lyrics and music.
It's a mix of edgy ballads and up-tempo material that deal with a range of emotions from love, broken hearts, revenge and anger.
"All the songs are personal which I put myself into or the shoes of somebody else," she said.
"Coldwater Romance is about a bad lover who is mean to you, but you love him anyway. With Signed,Your Bloody Valentine, I'm not as partial to the ballads, I can't sit down and say it's a ballad. But when I write it I make it count.
But the most personal song she was hesitant to record was Glamour Glamour, the first single about to be released. She's experienced the entire situation of being snubbed by friends.
"It's about somebody who thinks they've got it all who is telling you you suck," said the Fraser Valley Christian School grad.
"But I'm going to come out shining and prove somebody wrong. A few friends who are there for you but don't want to be there anymore."
Every musician has certain moments when they become hooked on their interest that eventually becomes their profession.
It can affect them profoundly.
For Ash, it was as 16 years ago when she was six, listening to Green Day.
"I don't remember which album it was, it was their first one.
"It came out at the library and I checked it out. I loved it and fell in love with punk. It's all I think about every day. I studied up on all punk music until I was 13."
She credits the New York Dolls, Rancid, Nirvana, Hole and old grunge bands such as the Ramones and Joy Division as her influences growing up.
She started writing and initially she was performing acoustic folk songs. In 2000, she released Urban Rain, an acoustic four-song EP that debuted in the No. 4 spot in Discorder Magazine and acquired radio play on Vancouver's indie radio station CITR.
It eventually made it into the hands of Vancouver's Trigger, founder of Girlgig Productions who promotes female artists and their music.
Soon, she was playing at venues such as the Anza Club, Railway Club, The WISE Hall, Vancouver AIDS Walk between 2001-05, Rockrgrl Music Conference in Seattle, Portland Festivals and various places along the West Coast.
But she eventually changed genres from folk to punk rock when she was 17.
"I couldn't do it anymore," she said.
"I needed to rock out. Once you have punk, it's in your blood."
Born Ash Schram, Ash realized she'd have to change her name to fit her style of music.
"Everyone kept mispronouncing Schram," she said.
"But everybody always said I'm such a riot. Even my manager suggested it. No one ever calls me Schram anymore."
As an only child, her parents George and Janis are supporting her endeavours.
Janis runs her esthetics business out of their home. Besides his full-time job at BC Hydro, George is Ash's co-manager, publicist and promoter.
He plays drums and percussion on nine of 12 tracks on This Time I'll Forgive You...Again.
"On my side of the family, my dad, my grandparents know what music is about," said George.
"When you have talent, you've got to go with it."
Ash's band includes bassist Spencer Kmyta from Chilliwack; Vancouver drummer Ricardo Viana and AJ Smit on lead guitar. While they've only been together for a short time, the band has jelled after practicing two to three times per week in Ash's basement studio, working on their live act.
"Everyone is better when the crowd jumps up and down. It helps us out," she said.
"It we totally get into it, they totally get into it. We want to get up there and just go crazy and have fun, have a riot.
"It's totally about the spirit of punk rock 'n roll."
In January, Ash will shoot a video for Glamour, Glamour, the first single off This Time I'll Forgive You...Again.
She's teamed up with Strike Anywhere and director Amanda Christmas of Triton Films in Vancouver.
This Time I'll Forgive You...Again is available at A&B Music stores in Western Canada, HMV, Best Buy, and For information about Ash, visit
- Langley Times

"On The Verge"


If you love Bif Naked and Hole, if you’re inspired by the rebellion of punk rock and rock n’ roll, past and present, if you like to scream, jump, dance, have a broken heart or a mended one...check out Vancouver’s own Ash Riot.

- The Georgia Straight


Urban Rain EP - 2002
This Time I'll Forgive You...Again! - October 2005. Listen to tracks including her latest single "Heroin Halo" (released January 3, 2006 to all Modern Rock and Campus radio stations in Canada by RDR Music with tracking & promotion by DB Promotions) here at Sonicbids or or . Cd available at A & B Sound & HMV stores in Canada and online with or and go to search and type "ash riot"

Ash is on seven current compilations:
--Glam Jam Records "Indie Most Wanted" Compilation 2006
-TIN Records New Music Series 2007 Compilation, please check
-Best of the Best Inland Northwest 2006
-Grrrls With Guitars Volume 3 (Maximum/Universal)
-Tune Tank SXSW New Generation 2006
-Drophit's 2006 Best of Compilation (going to 1500 US A&R reps & 150 college stations)
-Music BC Compilation "In The Mix" distributed to festivals in Canada & Canadian Consulates worldwide.

Ash's song "Heroin Halo" finished in the "Top 100" in the Billboard World Song Contest!
She also caught the eye of Alpha Music Group's Sylvie Harris from New York, with inquiries from major talent and management agencies.
She finished in the "Top 100" for the upcoming Indie Show from Texas that will air on tv this fall 2006.




This Time I’ll Forgive You…Again is the full length album from Canadian singer-songwriter Ash Riot. Born and raised in Vancouver BC, Ash has been immersed within the culture and diversity in the deep urban playground of the Pacific North West. "This Time I’ll Forgive You…Again" is the story of a 21 year-old artist with true rock ‘n roll spirit whose poetic lyrics could stitch the wounds of any hungry soul, rising from one experience to another, whether it be painful, beautiful, pensive or observant.

Ash has a way of holding the audience in the palms of her hands. With each song that she punches through the speakers, she’s sure to keep them within her grasp. From the true punk rock spirit that she unleashes, to the old school rock n’ roll that’s constantly sifting through her veins, she’s setting the audience on fire with her energy and originality.

Recently, she released her new record "This Time I’ll Forgive You…Again", which contains current single "Heroin Halo". The single has been released to campus and rock radio across Canada. The second single "Glamour Glamour" is set to be released later in 2006.

This Time I'll Forgive You...Again, produced, mixed and recorded by Rick Boulter (Cosmic Pig Studios), takes on an emotion of it’s own with each new heart that bleeds through the audio roller coaster. One song after another, it becomes more apparent that having a broken heart is just as good as having revenge through artistic flair. Whether it be to a lover, to a nation, or to herself, there isn’t a book of emotion left unread or a pile of secrets left unturned.
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Some of the recording and touring artists Ash Riot has performed with: Carole Pope, Sonia & Disappear Fear, Alix Olson, Pamela Means, Ember Swift, Betty (L Word), Hector, Yvette, Fruit (Australia), Evalyn Parry, Rae Spoon, Duvallstar, just to name a few.

Currently On The Agenda:

Ash is included on seven compilations:
-Glam Jam Records "Indie Most Wanted" Compilation 2006
-TIN Records New Music Series 2007 Compilation, please check
-Best of the Best Inland Northwest 2006
-Grrrls With Guitars Volume 3 (Maximum/Universal)
-Tune Tank SXSW New Generation 2006
-DropHit's 2006 Best of Compilation
-Music BC Compilation "In The Mix"

-Ash Riot is being played on RANCID RADIO on XM! Tim Armstrong gave Ash a call and informed her that he liked her music and wanted to play her on his bands radio show! So tune in and hear it for yourself! See pics of Ash with Tim and Lars from Rancid in Media Files area.

-Ash has been featured & added on regular rotation at 1580 Indie Mix, which has three live radio stations in Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago, also eight songs on rotation on in LA.
-Rock Radio Features:, , (Locals Only) ,
-Billboard 2006 World Song Contest-Honourable Mention
-Eugene Foley said "Ashley, Thanks for submitting your material for evaluation.You scored REALLY well! Congrats on having such a strong project!"
Rating Scale:
"1" indicates lowest score
"5" indicates highest score
Lead Vocals: 5
Music Composing: 4.5
Song Arrangement: 4.5
Lyric Writing:5
Recording/Production Quality:4