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Ashy L Bowz

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop


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"Hip Hop Ruckus review"

Is Brooklyn in the house? Without a doubt YaBoy knew Crown Heights and Flatbush emcees Triple X and Deeno Snuff were when I recently seen them perform at New York City’s famous Don Hills.

The two artists together make up the rap group, Ashy L Bowz, and both are eager to re-establish Hip-Hop’s fundamentals.

“We’re bringing hip-hop back to its roots of lyricism, story telling and realness. We call ourselves the Ashy L Bowz because there is nothing cosmetic about our music. It’s not formulated or thought up by some 80-year-old suit in a tie sitting behind a desk at a record label telling people one-fourth his age what’s hot,” says Triple.

Ashy L Bowz isn’t stepping out of character for the industry either. These fellas are comfortable in their own skin and don’t feel the need to portray gangster or pimp roles. They just want to have some fun and 2 Step, which is actually the name of their single off their mixtape “No Lotion.”

Here’s a snippet of Snuff on the track:
“Blond or Brunette/Lets bounce like bad checks
I’m rushin’ like roulette/Fast like corvettes
Tryna get ya to the crib n get her outta that corset. "

These dudes doing their thing, so while everyone else “keeping it real,” Triple and Snuff just keeping it Ashy.

Check Ashy L Bowz at - Hip Hop Ruckus

"Ashy L Bowz Nominated for a Independent Music Award"

THE ASHY L BOWZ debut album NO LOTION Nominated for Independent Music Awards album of the year!
NEW YORK based Rap Group The Ashy L Bowz are among a diverse group of independent musicians named as a Finalist in the 8th Annual Independent Music Awards in the category of hip hop album of the year for their debut No Lotion.


-NEW YORK based Rap Group The Ashy L Bowz are among a diverse group of independent musicians named as a Finalist in the 8th Annual Independent Music Awards in the category of hip hop album of the year for their debut No Lotion. The Elbows have already been nominated this year for an Underground Music Award for Most Original Rap as well as for a Hollywood Music Award for their video game inspired song We Got Game.
IMA Finalists will now advance to the final round of judging by a distinguished group of influential artists and industry insiders. The Judges who will determine this year’s IMA Winners include Peter Gabriel, Suzanne Vega, Roger Daltrey, George Jones, Buddy Guy, James “Blood” Ulmer, Paquito D’Rivera, Keith Urban, Lee Ritenour, DJ Skribble, Clint Black, Kurtis Blow, Zakk Wylde, Rolling Stone contributing editor Anthony DeCurtis, MTV Music Supervisor, Carrie Hughes, JVC Jazz Festival talent buyer Jason Olaine, mastering engineer Bob Ludwig, and many others.
IMA Winners and Finalists will appear in the 11th annual edition of The Musician’s Atlas 2009, on sale January, 2009. Regarded as the industry’s most comprehensive contact directory, The Atlas is used by independent musicians and entrepreneurs to market and sell music more successfully.
Developed and coordinated by Music Resource Group, publisher of The Musician’s Atlas, the Independent Music Awards program delivers a variety of premiums to Winners including:

• Year-long marketing campaigns, partnerships and distribution alliances, that will place the Winners in front of millions of music fans and industry decision makers around the world.

• The IMA Winners CD compilation will be distributed to 10,000 music fans and industry at events such as SXSW, Ozzfest, The Warped Tour throughout the year and promoted to more 650 US & Canadian college & public radio stations.

• eMusic will promote IMA Winners to millions of their subscribers throughout 2008.

• Exposure to nearly 10 million viewers of and Havoc TV.

Music fans will be casting their votes for their favorite IMA Finalists at at the IMA Vox Populi Jukebox.

For more information on the Musician’s Atlas and the Independent Music Awards contact
Joelle Caputa ( at 973-509-9898.
For more information about The Ashy L Bowz please contact or - ODS Management

"Shades Radio "No Lotion" review"

Deeno MF Snuff & Triple Incredible

No Lotion is a brand new CD by the duo Ashy L Bowz, aka Triple Incredible and Deeno Snuff. The project is the first effort of this Brooklyn, NY based group out to make a statement in this new era of rap music. About the independent hustle of the 2008 Hip Hop business, Deeno Snuff said "it's a gift and a curse. Because in the same way I'm talkin to you right now, and everybody listening could be like ' yo let me see what these cats are about'. That could blow a nigga up on some real shit. And that's worldwide. Plus you get to cut out the middle man that's jerkin niggas anyway." In reference to the drawbacks he spoke about the grind and how you have to work hard to obtain the things you want in life, when you might be more inclined to sit back and indulge in other things. The CD is a nice, concept-driven arrangement created to introduce you to the Ashy style of underground Hip Hop they display. From the beginning you're welcomed into a world of lyric based songs, heavy with fun-filled metaphors and punchlines. On Ashtro (instead of intro) and Keep It Ashy, you are bombarded with witty spin-offs of the word "the game need some more flavor pass the Mrs.Dash, leavin' whack mcs on the curb like trash. We gon' grow on ya. Why you think they call it a rash?" On the album No Lotion, Ashy, brings the socially introspective side of things too on songs like My Yute, Hood and I Guess saying. "you ain't a killer just cuz you say you is on a beat, I guess it's easier just to follow trends then to lead. I guess there's always been more Indians then the chiefs." Their first single off the album, We Got Game, is a catchy video game inspired track that sounds like the theme song from an NBA Live joint. Hip Hop fans will appreciate this album most for its mature-minded themes that stay youthful and up to date with delivery and cleverness. Big up to the beat production by A-Rod Grimes, Maestro, Buzz and ConvahSation, which is solid with originality and variety as well. The most murda-talk you hear is on Smoke Dat, where the victim is that notorious bitch mary jane. Lol. Very original. To listen to samples...

" Interview"

Today we welcome Ashy L Bowz, out of Brooklyn. Let the viewers know your how you guys chose such a crazy name for your group?

It just seems like now a day so much of Hip Hop is done by formula. Everybody else is like the Murder Death Kill Hustle Hard Pimp Hoes Get Money Squad, Set, gang or Click. We just wanna be different and not categorized.

Let the viewers know who the group consists of, and how long have you guys been together?

The group consists of two solo artists Triple Incredible and Deeno Snuff, and we been rapping together for like 5 years now.

What kind of music do you bring to the table?

I mean we do just about anything that we feel at the moment. We might do a joint for the ladies or a gangsta joint or dance joint or even a rock joint depending on how we feeling at the time. Its all about how you deliver it, a lot of artists seem to have forgotten about that space in between the hook and the bridge called the verse. We just trynna bring that part of the hip hop song back.

Who were and are still your inspirations coming up to this day?

We are inspired by all the innovators because thats what we're trying to be. Innovators all those people that could have done things the way the were but decided to do them differently and changed the game.

What projects have you released thus far and what can we look out for?

So Far we have an album out right now called "No Lotion" feat. Donnell "Ashy Larry" Rawlings available on cdbaby, itunes, amazon rhapsody plus we got a buncha new mixtapes on the way while we prepare for our second album "No Lotion 2quared" which is gon drop this Ash Wednesday February 25 2009.

Out of all your music... Which song would make someone an instant fan?

I think any of our songs would make you a fan if you love Hip Hop but the one you can play wit ya momma listening and shell be like "Who are those guys?" is most likely "Crime" track 15 on "No Lotion"

In 5 years where do you see yourself?

In 5 years we see ourselves getting the credit we're due for the grind that we put down man.

What does Ashy do when off the stage and out of the studio?

Off stage we like to kick it listen to other underground artists music and think about whats the next thing we gon do when we get back in the studio.

In closing give us any shout outs or plugs and let the fans know where to check you out!

Shout out to our label Hood Hefnaz Music Group, ODS Management, our DJ, DJ Jack Beatz. and look out for us on myspace/ or and look out for that No Lotion 2quared album this Ash Wednesday. -


The Great Repression (LP) - 2011
Dry Humpin2: Diary of a Ashy Band 2009 (Mixtape)
Going Green2: 808's & Smoke Breaks - 2009 (Mixtape)
No Lotion feat. Ashy Larry 2008 (LP)
Jointz Pt. 1 2008 (Best of the Ash L Bowz Mixtape)
Vol. 1 2000 (Mixtape)
Vol. 2 2001 (Mixtape)
Vol. 3 2003 (Radio Unfriendly Mixtape)
Hood Heffz Vol 1 2004 (Compilation Album)
Hood Heffz Vol 2 2005 (Compilation Album)
Vol. 4 2006 (Fuq Work Make Music! Mixtape)
No Lotion feat. Ashy Larry 2008 (LP)



The Hip Hop group the Ashy L Bowz (Ashy Elbows) are not your traditional rap duo however put aside their bizarre name, comedic personalities and outlandish stage show and you have a versatile award winning rap duo with the ability to make great songs about well….just about anything. Their debut album “No Lotion” was released on Ash Wednesday of 2008 and features Comedian Donnell Rawlings better known as Ashy Larry from the Dave Chappelle Show. The album was selected as a finalist for Rap album of the year in the 2008 Independent Music Awards.
The Ashy L Bowz are also four time Underground Music Award Nominees & 2009 Underground Music Awards Winner for Most Original Group 2008 as well as 2008 Hollywood Music Awards Nominee in the Rap/Hip Hop category, alongside Record Producer No i.d., the man behind Jay-Z’s hit song D.O.A.
The group was also crowned unsigned band of the week by High Times Magazine and runners up in the High Times Unsigned Battle of the Bands. Their all Marijuana themed mixtape “Going Green^2: 808’s and Smoke Breaks” is also featured by High Times and can be found at
In short the Ashy L Bowz are confident and fearless lyricists (how else could you parade around hip hop with a name like that?) with a truly original and unique approach to hip hop music. The groups live performance high energy, unique, comical and above all else very entertaining. Their marketing strategies are dynamic, attention grabbing and not easy to be ignored. And their mantra of saying No to Lotion, explained simply is their disdain that most artists now a day are generic, unoriginal and content with copying a formula and sound to blend into the current music industry (like lotion). The Ashy L Bowz goal put plainly is to stand out. Currently the group is working on several free mixtape releases and promoting their sophomore album “No Lotion^2: the Great Repression” which drops Ash Wednesday 2010.

Visit Ashy L Bowz at:

Recently the Ashy L Bowz have released three new mixtapes available free for download on their website and other popular music download sites. However it was their marijuana themed Going Green mixtape along with the quarter of a million views and comments of their popular "How to roll a Blunt" series that prompted the content editor at, homepage of leading marijuana magazine High Times, to feature them as Unsigned Band of the Week earlier this year. The first rap group to grace the section since its debut.

Currently the Ashy L Bowz are performing at open mics and showcases in and around New York City and have recently released their sophomore LP No Lotion 2: The Great Repression to critical acclaim. They are also recording new mixtapes to pacify their insatiable fan base and plan to release another yet to be titled album.

For more information on the Ashy L Bowz please visit for booking, interviews and drops please contact JG Holden at