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Asiah Mehok

Cleveland, Tennessee, United States

Cleveland, Tennessee, United States
Band Pop


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"Pop music meets its match in Asiah Mehok"

When a new artist can rival the haunting vocals of Sara McLachlan, surprise you with the versatility of Pink and lead you to the dance floor like Lady Gaga, you sense it’s only a matter of time before she becomes a household name.

Not that Asiah Mehok is anything like her former new artist predecessors. The vibrant young artist has found a soulful innocence in her voice that is altogether original and commercial enough to be at the top of the charts with the likes of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

Relying on a musical style that captures substance over flash, the singer/songwriter seems capable of anything, except being boring. There is a lot to savor on her debut album, “Love & the Carousel,” in which Asiah’s fun and mischievous love song, “So Much,” pushes pop music back on the dance floor.

Her silky voice resonates with a sense of nostalgia and pure magic in “All the Indecisive Ones,” a hauntingly beautiful song about the choice to love, so lyrically emotional that it floats gently between the realm of pop and classical music.

Proving her music can be as sultry as it is wholesome, Asiah pounces on her love interest in “Hey Boy Hey,” inviting him to come her way and explore the possibilities.

Both “Hey Boy Hey” and “All the Indecisive Ones” will be featured in an upcoming film as part of the movie’s sound track, according to Christopher Garmon, owner of Regeneration Music Company, the Cleveland-based record label which released Asiah’s debut album.

What stands out about the talented songstress who blends something old with something new is how expansive her music is with so many catchy tunes that linger long after the music has ended.

“We wanted to be edgy enough to catch this new demographic of college kids and teens but also timeless enough that we could pull in all demographics by hinting at some vintage sounds,” said Garmon, who co-wrote “Love & the Carousel,” with Asiah.

“We were bringing in the elements of artists we admire in terms of what we wanted,” Asiah added. “Our collaboration is more like Indie pop where it has the catchiness of pop music but the lyrics are more personal, more substantial, that last.”

The precocious pop singer said growing up she was influenced by a diverse group of musicians which included Shania Twain (for her humble beginning to achieving a great stage presence), Michael Jackson, James Taylor and her grandmother, Carole Spoto, who performed jazz concerts throughout Florida.

“I listen to a wide variety of music. I try to keep up with what’s current but I can’t let go of the old,” said Asiah. “This past weekend I was listening to Carole King, Stevie Wonder and Sting. But I also love Indie music, like Feist and Sarah Boreillis. As a female artist my grandmother was always an inspiration to me.”

Described as “the most reluctant pop-princess,” to come along in years, Asiah’s euphonic flair rests primarily in her music, vocals and lyrics — a combination that easily measures up with her famous peers who often rely on fashion and flashy personas over sheer talent.

“We believe if you have good music it will sell itself,” Garmon said. “If we didn’t have a good product we would try to market it with flashy things and gimmicks, but our focus is on the song and the songwriting. Even in the way the current music industry is, if you put good music in front of people they’re going to listen to it.”

Being the daughter of two musicians and granddaughter of a jazz singer, Asiah began playing drums at the age of 3 and by age 8 she was “playing” classic rock concerts with her father. She also plays the piano and guitar.

“Every artist dreams of starting something new and fresh and bringing together a little of the old with the new,” said Asiah who has made her home in Cleveland. “I just want to be true to myself. I think that’s the real key to success. You want to think of things outside the box and I think we’ve done that on this album.”

Although she is a bit reluctant to wear any pop stardom status, Asiah’s talent is undeniable when listening to “Love & the Carousel” and her variety in music makes her a viable candidate for being a pop singer who can top the charts on Billboard.

Asiah laughs. “As an artist I just want people to hear my music and enjoy it. To be a successful singer/songwriter who made her mark in the music industry would be wonderful. I just want to be true to myself, stick with my gut and go for it.”

With sparkling lyrics and fun tracks that may remind listeners of how wonderful it is to discover a rare voice as well as being the first to hear new and memorable music, Asiah Mehok has found the right musical hooks to reel in a sea of diverse fans.

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Love and the Carousel - 2010
Featuring the single "So much"



It might surprise you that Asiah Mehok can’t pick a favorite song off of her new offering, Love and the Carousel, but it shouldn’t. She is, after all, the most reluctant pop-princess you’ve ever met. If it were up to her, you’d be discussing anything but her new album.

What are you to do with a woman who says she would rather grow up to be a “stay at home mommy” than your next pop sensation?

She grins over her coffee cup and says quietly, “I had an anxiety attack when my label (Regenerate Music Company) told me they had started a Facebook page for the record. How am I supposed to handle that kind of attention?”

The attention…

But that’s the beauty of the entire thing, isn’t it? Because despite herself, Asiah has managed to create one of 2010’s most engaging, catchy, downright beautiful musical gems. Try as you might, you won’t be getting these songs out of your head any time soon.

From the dance-inducing beats of “Miss You” to the quiet, reverent, hushed tones of “All The Indecisive Ones”, the album glows with the kind of smart writing and vocal performances that bring to mind the likes of Ingrid Michelson and Lily Allen. All of this is wrapped up in a quiet, pretty girl who says she’d rather not be noticed.

Don’t let the humility fool you, though. Asiah has been doing this a long, long time.

Born in Florida, she’s the granddaughter of a jazz singer and the daughter of two musicians. Like so many great artists, she got her first performance experience in church. She began playing drums at 3, and by the age of 8, she was playing blues and classic rock concerts with her father. She plays piano and guitar, but quit lessons as a child. “Lessons confuse me,” she says with a look of mischief in her eyes. “I guess I have to do things my way.” The grin hides behind the coffee cup again, but you know it’s there.

Her own way…

It’s this trait that serves Love and the Carousel so nicely, because while it’s easy to see the bridges between her and her musical influences, the result is wholly unique.

After moving to Cleveland, Tennessee, she continued singing and performing until being discovered by Regenerate Music Co. founder, Chris Garmon. Together, the pair locked themselves up with their favorite local artists and began writing. They emerged a year later, with music that feels collaborative and free. It manages to pay homage to those who came before her while boldly carving out her own space among her heroes.

The result is that on first hearing it, you say loudly, “Oh! I love this song!” before the first chorus even hits.

Sorry. You haven’t heard this song before, but your heart’s been waiting for it for as long as you can remember. Each song represents what you love about music. You simply can’t stop smiling as you listen. You get the sudden urge to dance, right there in your living room. You want to play it for your friends.

And suddenly you realize that you and the quiet girl from Cleveland Tennessee have something in common.

Neither of you can pick a favorite song…