Waldorf, Maryland, USA
BandHip Hop

Stage Name Is A-SIckA I Am An inspring artist from Upstate,NewYork I make HipHop Music and my music is made for everybodies ears so when listening to my music everybody will be able to have a favorite song i like to cross genres with my music i make pop,rock,dance, everything combine with my style


A-SickA Who Name Is Anthony Howard Hails From Up State New York Or Better Known As Beacon or TCNY. This Up And Coming Rapper Has Been rapping since the age of 10yrs old and is now 18 and is still killing the game with his stiff punchlines and slick metaphors A-SickA is currently working with a indie label established in Up State New York named Blockfluid ent. Some of my influences are rappers such as Jay-Z, Nas, Fabolous,, Biggie, Tupac, Slick Rick, anybody that makes good music really. What sets me apart from a lot of artist now a days is that you can't put me in a box i make all kinds of different sounds combine with my hip-hop sound from pop, rock, dance, to techno music I can make A Song for everybody,


MixCd's:HalfStep From Greatness V.1
HalfStep From Greatness V.2
Streaming: My Room Ft. 3RD