A Sign Before

A Sign Before


No one is who they say they are. All signs from the sky are wrong; misidentified. The Earth’s tilt on it’s axis wasn’t taken into consideration when the signs were auctioned off. We’re not who we say we are. We’re A Sign Before.


Formed in the Fall of 2001, A Sign Before strives for writing dynamic, hook-driven hard rock songs. Composed of three brothers and a friend, A Sign Before is sure to fester deep within the confines of minds everywhere. Soulful riffs from distorted, detuned guitars, coupled with rock solid grooves and booming bass licks comprise a force with which to be reckoned. And through it all, the melodic lyrics grab hold of the listener, and drag them kicking and screaming through a world not of this earth, yet dangerously close to home. Described as a unique sound branching from bands such as Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle and LostProphets, A Sign Before is on track for musical greatness.

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Poser (Acoustic)

Written By: A Sign Before

Did you go.
You're letting yourself down
By being someone else
Look at your life.

You fall
When you're alone.
Nobody to follow
you can't be yourself, no
what's wrong today.

You're lost.
Feeling lonely.
Cuts bleed all the pain out.
Your smiles are dead now.
Stop living lies.

You try
To be noticed.
Hiding behind your mask.
Like everyone else is.
Still the same.

So run,
Curse at the sky.
Cause everything you try,
It's all been done before,
You're world's on fire.

I don't understand why
You're open, you're broken
To me.

Don't be yourself.
Just try to fit in.
Forget all the things that
Make you different.
Don't be yourself
You're feelings are numb
Mold into the crowd
Don't try to run.

Don't try to run, now.
Your can not take this anymore, now.
The life you thought you had is gone now.
Everything you had is gone now,
and you can't take it.

Run, now.
Run, now.
Run, now.
Run, now.

What a Day

Written By: A Sign Before

Can't believe.
Her clothes are gone, just left her memories
with me.
Smell her as it goes up inflames.

No she hasn't called, but I'm sure she will.
My deadbeat job won't pay the bills.
I'm broke, alone, and still not getting laid.
What a Day.

Why does everything happen to me?
Odds are against, and
What a Day.
What a Day.

Walk away.
The past calls out, deluted by it's means.
You'll see.
This day hates me, this day hates me.


Written By: A Sign Before

It's time to go.
Give up the past.
And move on.
Has got you in it's clasp.
No escape.

Feels like I'm always losing.

What should I say.
I can't take back what has been done.
I'm at a loss for my words.
You're ignornce is yourself.
Stop living in the past.

Consider this.
And move on.
Has got you prisoner.
No escape,


"Reality Exists" EP
"Nostalgia" Single
"What a Day" Single
"And I..." Single
"Poser" Single
"Reality Exists" Single

Set List

45 Minute set includes:

What a Day
Reality Exists
Body of Sin
National Razor
And I...
Faceless Hero
Cold Sweat