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Falkenberg, Halland, Sweden | SELF

Falkenberg, Halland, Sweden | SELF
Band Metal Punk




"A SILENT ESCAPE - Halfpage in May 2012 issue/ Big Cheese Magazine"

The band is featured in a half page ad for the upcoming debut album! - Big Cheese Magazine

"A SILENT ESCAPE - Review/ Red hot velvet"

A Silent Escape are now prepared to make their mark on the UK scene. Meshing the hard-hitting delivery of ‘Comeback Kid’ and ‘In Flames’ with the song-writing sensibilities of punk-rockers ‘Millencolin’, A Silent Escape are set to push open the envelope in the shape of their stunning self-titled debut album, out 4th June through all digital stores.
A Silent Escape stem from the small Swedish town of Falkenberg (which is also the unsuspecting home to the likes of Sonic Syndicate, Venerea, and The Unguided, amongst others). Formed just over two years ago, the beginnings of A Silent Escape can be tracked back to a band formerly know as ‘Union Square’, where current A Silent Escape vocalist/bassist Patrick Stenborg, Nic Antoni Lindqvist (Drums in ASE) and Joel Nilsson (Vocals/Lead Guitar also in ASE) played alongside each other. Eventually the band went on to split from their major label deal with Warners, citing “creative differences”. Ultimately, Union Square’s brave decision to stick to their creative path became the unravelling of the band. However, rising from the ashes of Union Square, A Silent Escape were formed in 2010 when Pat, Nic and Joel hooked up with fellow school friend Eddie (Guitar). Wanting to put the fun back into music, the newly formed quartet began to intensely write together, hiring a nearby rehearsal space, and beginning to fall back into the enjoyment of playing music again.
Fast forward to eighteen months, and the energetic four-piece are now armed with a potent full length self-titled album that pushes the musical boundaries and is even more challenging than their previous work. The record boots off with an explosive opener in the shape of ‘Blackhole Gravity’, which bursts wildly from the traps with gripping dynamics and a colossal refrain. The track is a powerful slab of alluring high velocity metallic punk-rock that aptly opens proceedings. Next up, is the lusciously melodic ‘Final Chapter’ which has a captivating cadence fans will adore. Another key highlight of the record is the gargantuan ‘Smalltown Outcast’ that comes over you like an earth-shattering tidal wave. From start to finish, A Silent Escape have produced a truly engaging record that is enterprising, beefy and jam-packed with killer hooks! - Red hot velvet

"Interview/ Red hot velvet"

1. Tell us who you are and where you’re from.
We are four dudes from Sweden that have grown up together. This is not an “audition” kind of band; we are best friends and have been through a lot together.
2. Describe your music.
We grew up listening to bands like Guns N Roses, Millencolin and In Flames; you can hear influences like that in our music. Everybody has their own way of how they experience a band. If one person thinks that we are Metal (or Punk, Pop etc) then I wont argue because that’s the way that person feels. We only make music that comes naturally for us.
3. Tell us how the band formed in three sentences.
We formed A SILENT ESCAPE after putting our previous band to sleep, getting free from our bullshit record label and with the intentions of doing everything exactly how we want.

4. What did you do before you were in a band?
We went to school – or showed up occasionally. We started our first band when we were about 14 or 15 years old.

5. List the first CDs/records each of you bought.
Patrick(Bass,Vocals) -Use your Illusion 2 -Guns n Roses
Nick(Drums) -The black album-Metallica
Joel(Lead guitar,add vocals) -Appetite for destruction- Guns n Roses
Eddie(Guitars)-I heard they suck live!! – NOFX
6. What’s the band up to over the next few months?
We are preparing for the album release, recording two new music videos and doing a couple of shows in Sweden before coming over for a UK tour in late summer!
7. Best item of fan mail you’ve ever received?
We got a mail that stood out from the most we have seen where this kid told us that we were basically the reason he was still alive. He had been through a lot of bad shit and felt a connection to our music wich helped him get through all that. That one will always be with us in our hearts.
8. What music do you have on repeat in the tourbus?
Actually alot of different types of music, Hip Hop, some softer music, but of course a lot of Hardcore and Metal!
9. What gear do you use?
Patrick plays Fender Jazzbass and EBS amps
Joel plays Gibson Les Paul and ENGL amps
Eddie plays PRS and Peavey triple XXX amps
Nick plays Tama Starclassic bubinga elite drumkits
10. What’s your best on-tour story?
After playing a festival somewere in Sweden, we got drunk as pigs and went back to the hotel. Patrick broke into the kitchen and stole a big wedding cake and fell asleep in the corridor. Later the couple (who were actually celebrating their anniversary, not wedding) came back and noticed a sleeping dude covered in their cake. But the best part was when they went into their room, whicj Joel had managed to break into, and was having a good time with a fan! They ran down the stairs and called the hotel staff who threw us out on the street, haha!
11. What do you demand on your rider?
We don’t demand shit. Everywere we have been (USA, UK, Scandinavia, Baltic states) we have booked ourselves, never had a booking agency, and we are happy if the promoters support us with water, food and stuff like that. - Red hot velvet

"A SILENT ESCAPE - Review/ Powerplay Magazine"

There is a lot of
perfectly good music that
everlastingly lurks around the
peripheries, kept alive by
talent and good fortune, and
is well taken care of by small
pockets of admirers. Swedish
based A Silent Escape are one
of these.
Kicking the elephant
firmly out of the room early on,
there is plenty of correlation
with fellow nationals Sonic Syndicate. Apart from sharing a home
town and a penchant for writing capable and effective pondhopping
tunes, Syndicate front man Richard Sjunnesson guests
on standout track “God’s A Liar”.
Whereas Sonic Syndicate take their cues from peers like
Motley Crue and Papa Roach, A Silent Escape choose bands
like A Day To Remember, Atreyu and Comeback Kid for their
references. It works well and the crossover is seamless – as is the
Swedish way. Bands like this have used the template that Europe
(and perhaps Abba!) perfected as a way of getting their music
heard and appreciating - Powerplay Magazine

"A SILENT ESCAPE - Review/ Heavypetal.com"

The term “unique” is overused when it comes to describing a band. It's a rarity to find an act whose press pack doesn't at some point claim that they've moulded a totally new and individual sound, the likes of which is so cutting edge you could use it to carve the singer's face into mount Rushmore. It's totally understandable of course; a marketing campaign with the heading “They sound like Kiss, but not as good” would be as successful as Ed Sheeran launching a range of self-tanning products. However, A Silent Escape are a band who have drawn on such an array of influences that they truly evade conventional classification and thusly fall into that sought after “unique” bracket.

To say this album “starts with a bang” would be to drastically understate it. It in fact jumps out of a nearby shadow wielding a broadsword and delivers a spinning roundhouse kick to your face in a pair of steel toe capped boots. The opening track and debut single Blackhole Gravity is a full-throttle mix of huge riffs, acoustic guitar textures and infectiously catchy melodies. The whole experience is carried by the powerful vocals of frontman and bass player Patrick Stenborg whose punk rock inspired cleans are mixed with his ridiculously powerful screams to make a truly formidable combination.

It's certainly worth mentioning that A Silent Escape have been formed from the popular Swedish punk act Union Square who were winners of Bandit Rock's Best Unsigned and MTV's Best Nordic Unsigned Band awards. This in turn lead to them striking a record deal with Warner and releasing two music videos directed by the emperor of Swedish metal vids, Patric Ullaeus. In short, these men know exactly what they're doing and this album really demonstrates their collective experience. There's a strong hardcore basis for the tracks which lies somewhere between Raised Fist and Face To Face, whilst melodically the songs focus on more pop inspired hooks. This is then decorated with a strong metal influence as aptly shown in tracks such as Goodbye Mr Pig or Bullets. To top it all off, there's an excellent use of keyboards and synthesised sounds throughout the record, which really push the band away from the clutches of many hardcore cliches.

Another factor that puts this Viking quartet a rung higher than a lot of other bands on the hardcore inspired scene is their success in utilising the beautiful but dying art of big rock n' roll guitar solos. Their lead guitarist Joel Nilsson, who some readers may have seen playing for Dead By April on their 2010 UK tour with My Passion, wastes no time in breaking out blues rock licks capable of knocking Slash's hat off from 400 metres at every opportune moment. In particular, the lead guitar break from Losing Grip should probably come with a health warning due to the high risk death by air guitar it's likely to induce in listeners. Instrumental accreditation must of course go to the other members too; rhythm guitarist Eddie Hansla's frantic riffing is likely to leave you with a severe case of third degree melted face, whilst drummer Nicke Lindqvist attacks the kit with such speed and ferocity that it's surprising his drums survive the experience.

It's easy to listen through the whole album back to back without getting bored. This isn't just due to the great songwriting on the record, but the variety throughout. Smalltown Outcast, Bullets and Goodbye Mr. Pig are riff and scream-heavy headbangers, whilst My Habit or This Can't Be The End showcase the band's more mainstream pop appeal.

The mix is completed with A Silent Escape's own brand of straight up rock as shown in the tracks Ticket Back and Final Chapter. There's also a guest appearance from Richard Sjunnesson of The Unguided/ex-Sonic Syndicate on the controversial clergy-pleaser God Is A Liar, where he adds his trademark screams to the second verse for a double dose of deity denying aggression.

Overall, this is an expertly written, played and produced album (hat - Heavypetal.com

"A SILENT ESCAPE - Review/ Loud-stuff.com"

Garry from SaN PR recently sent through details of A Silent Escape and their self-titled debut album, due for release on the 4th of June. Drawing influence from the likes of Comeback Kid and In Flames as well as the song writing of Millencolin, this Swedish four piece have set their sights on UK domination, so I thought it best we check out what to expect!

Opening with Blackhole Gravity you’re immediately pulled into this album, the guitar line grabbing your attention before the unexpectedly calm vocals come into take the lead, alternating between singing and roaring to create contrasts within the track. Catchy and jumpy from the off, this is the sort of track which you dream of seeing on the live circuit, the vocals penetrating into your soul as the guitar, bass and drums all form a distorted melee of melody and aggression. Final Chapter continues this idea of melodic aggression, once again launching you head first into a pit of soft and harmonic vocals combined with angry guitars and rolling drum beats. It’s striking how well put together this sound is, it’s akin to albums from much bigger bands and packs the same force as it progresses, two tracks in and everything’s looking damned good.

Losing Grip picks up the lead next, launching into a funky guitar riff before pulling back to once again contrast those awesome vocals, the drums adopting a simple yet effective beat to carry everything forwards. This track strikes me as an anthem in the waiting, and potentially the track which will get the band some serious recognition once it’s out there. From the soaring guitar melodies through to the powerful gang vocals, this track has everything you could possibly want from a track, even up to a guitar solo of pretty damned epic proportions. It’s no shock then when From Words To Beating comes in to take over the lead and once again, throws more of those distorted riffs out at you. Throughout the tracks I’ve been trying to work out what the vocals sound like, and it dawned on me with this track that they’re like combination of Scooter from Cold and M Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold, they’ve got that powerful smooth approach which really hammers them home. After that comparison though, God’s A Liar (Ft Richard Sjunnesson) comes as somewhat of a shock, launching straight into a hammering melee of roaring and stunning guitar work. Throwing in that contrasted vocal line once again, this is a track which really stands alone on the album, standing out as one which demonstrates the bands ability to produce carefully crafted music to their exact specifications.

Further evidence of the ability of this band comes up next in the form of Ticket Back, once again opening with a hammering riff to accompany a soaring lead line before throwing down into a pumping riff. The track is one which is going to absolutely slay on the live scene, holding all of the power which you would expect from them and once again getting you involved no matter where you are. Can’t Be The End suddenly comes as a shock, opening with electronically enhanced guitar effects before more of those pumping riffs, this time adopting an approach which wouldn’t be out of place on mainstream radio. Catchy, powerful and most of all melodic, this track almost goes to demonstrate the bands ability to craft a track which will appeal to a mass audience rather than a select subculture, and as such this is another highpoint on the album which really stands out as one to hear. All thoughts of radio play and mainstream acceptance are thrown out the window with the introduction of Bullets though, launching straight into a distorted melee of roaring and hammering guitar lines, once again returning us to the heavier side of the music but still keeping the listener firmly involved through the catchy chanted chorus.

Smalltown Outcast presents yet another change in the album, opening sounding almost like euphoric dance style music before launching into an In Flames style mixture of riffs a - Loud-Stuff.com

"A SILENT ESCAPE - Review/ Street tvoice UK"

A Silent Escape remind so much of Millencolin so I was always going to like this album and in fairness this Swedish act hasn't disappointed me in the slightest. This album is filled with a number of great songs that will blow you away and some of those include 'Blackhole Gravity', 'Final Chapter' and 'Smalltown Outcast'. From beginning to end the band deliver a large amount of great tunes with passion that just force their way into your head. These guys should be proud on what they have on offer today! I for one can't wait to hear these tracks played live now as I've enjoyed the album so much. If you're looking for a new punk rock band with metal influences then you should check out what a Silent Escape has on offer! 9/10 - Street voice UK


Several self released EP´s since the start in 2K (under the name UNION SQUARE)

"Making bets in a burning house" (WARNER Sweden)- 2009

"Deceit" (WARNER Sweden)- MTV rotation, Radio airplay,National TV performances- 2009

"Breakout" (WARNER Sweden)- MTV rotation, Radio airplay,National TV performances- 2009




From the ashes of the successful Swedish band "UNION SQUARE", rises a new band with ambitions of taking its music to new heights.

Whith a history of 11 years on the swedish punkrock/metal scene the band has become well known for being a great energetic and explosive live act.
The band has done tons of shows and tours throughout the years(Europe,USA) supporting bands like Sonic Syndicate,Funeral for a friend,Dead by April,ADEPT among others.

With a backpack filled with experience and won awards for best unsigned
swedish liveact on the biggest rock radio station in Sweden called
Bandit rock and best nordic unsigned band in a MTV competition,both in 2007,
2 music videos on a rotation on MTV Sweden, live shows on national TV

These boys are more then ready to take the next step..
Warner released the Union Square album in 2009,
but the band werent happy working with them and asked to
get dropped, and eventually they managed to get free.

A SILENT ESCAPE is all about brotherhood,ambition,talent and most of all, lifestyle.
Four childhood friends gone through alot of challenges and struggles together,
becoming a fourpiece nothing in this world could ever crack,
and with the common goal to spread their heartfelt music worldwide!
Touring is in their veins, and without a doubt one of the biggest reasons they're in this!

In summer(2011) the band went on a headlining UK tour along with the UK band Stalked by Scarlet,
and as so many times before, almost everything arranged by the band itself!

This is modern Punkrock/metal/pop made by 4 ambitious swedes who live for only one thing.

The Self titled Debut album will be released on 4th of June 2012 worldwide!


+46 761 844140 -Patrick
+46 70 5698339 -Joel