Austin, Texas, USA

Hailing from Austin, Texas, A Spectacle In North America is a rock outfit which tastefully melds rock, blues, pop, and alternative music to create a truly unique musical experience. Priding themselves on their energetic live shows, Asina is certain to be a band to watch out for in the near future.


Asina is an American rock and roll band from Austin, Texas. In their short time as an outfit, A Spectacle In North America has built a reputation for their ecclectic blending of rock, blues, pop, and alternative music, and their energetic live performances.

Created because guitarist David Jacobson had booked a gig at a local venue for a "band" that did not exist and for which he had two weeks to find, A Spectacle In North America is already on the rise in the thriving Austin music scene, being a named a top 5 finalist in the 101x "Your Shot To Rock" contest, hand-picked from over 60 bands by the legendary rock group, The Toadies. Combining low bass grooves from Isaiah Shankar, versatile drum beats from Alex Eckhoff, soulful vocals from David Jacobson, mellow guitar and synth leads from JD Salazar, and screaming guitar solos from Tyler McDonald, Asina's music is truly a unique experience.

A Spectacle In North America is currently in the process of recording their debut EP "Fork Sushi" with local Austin-area producer Wade Oliver. Their influences include local groups like The Bright Light Social Hour and The Couch, current bands such as The White Stripes, The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys, as well as old legends like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Doors, Pearl Jam, and Pink Floyd.


Demo Singles

The Cheater

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