A Single Few

A Single Few


This young group From Vancouver Canada is already getting radio play and appearing on local compilation cd's, with thier songs, written, performed and co-produced by these 17 year olds. Currently seeking lable and agent representation.


This band started 4 years ago when the guys were just 13. They met Bob Connolly, father of Tyler Connolly (Theory of a deadman) last year. Bob has helped the boys develope their style,sound, writing skills. When Theory left on tour, Tyler opened the private studio to the boys and has given critiques, advice and support along the way. These teens are well on their way and are currently seeking agent and label representation.


The guys have had three of their singles played on Vancouver station CFOX.

Set List

The set list for performances is different every time. While they have a large set list, the guys also like to mix it up with their own er versions of today popular tunes for fun.