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"Album review"

Do you like Ninja? Do you like Isabel Guzman? Do you like Annie? Do you love Robyn? Do you adore Margaret Berger. Well theres a new bitch on the scene and her name is Rebekka Maria. I was brought to her attention when she was in the Danish/Swedish group Lampshade. This is her solo project and what an amazing product she has given us. Her album, wonderfully titled, Queen of France came out the other day and I've been moving to it since. All she does is experimental. Pop is pushed to the boundaries. Check out Soul To My Soul. Its electro. Its dance. Its addictive. It will take you on a little on a journey that refutes the norm yet songs like She Lion and Part Of The Game are absolutely popilicous. Her vocal delivery is rather odd. Somewhat like Bjork but unlike the Icelandic queen of oddity, Rebekka-Maria always makes sure you find yourself dancing away to her music rather trying to ascertain a melody as one might do with a Bjork record.

Please check out this woman. She's amazing. Part Of the Game is a bit sinister but evokes something of Robyn's Handle Me. There is something ever so soft about her vocals next to the throbbing baselines that never overtake the entire the song. Quite unique in her field methinks. Its quite early days yet I can imagine Army Of Foxy being played at some of this July's hottest parties in Ibiza. The glorious chorus of "we're the army of foxy little ladies, we're the oh oh oh's, we're the ho ho hoes" sinks deep into your veins much like last years massive Danish hit by Camille Jones that never seemed to go away largely thanks to that brilliant Fedde Le Grand mix.

She is indeed kooky but not weird for the sake of being weird. She always knows how to make an amazing pop song without veering away from the mainstream and soaks her sound with rich beats and interesting sounds that make you listen with interest. You never quite know where the song, where Rebekkamaria, will take you. There is little in the entire production that one could conclude as being an act that conforms. - Don't Stop The Pop

"Queen Of France"

Leaving behind the guitar-drenched landscape of her former band the Lampshades, RebekkaMaria Andersson returned draped in slutty, come-hither bass lines for her solo project, As In RebekkaMaria. The dance tracks on her new album, Queen of France, writhe and skitter and have just enough kookiness to keep you guessing while you stay hot and bothered. Imagine Marie Antoinette visiting from beyond the grave via Oujia-turn table and commanding, “Let them eat break-beats.”

"As In Fucking Powerful"

As in blæst omkuld! Jeg må erkende, at jeg var lidt skeptisk overfor RebekkaMarias soloprojekt As In RebekkaMaria, for jeg blev aldrig vundet over af hendes indiepopband Lampshade. Dertil var bandet efter min mening for kalkuleret; for fortænkt indie-agtigt. Men min skepsis fordampede i takt med de to singler 'Part Of The Game' og 'She Lion', der kom i sommeren og efteråret 2007 og er nu blæst helt væk med albummet 'Queen Of France'.

As in fucking powerful! For Hold da op hvor RebekkaMaria sparker røv på sit debutalbum som As In. Det virker som om laptoppen og clubbeatsene er elementer, hun befinder sig bedre i, end indierockens til tider fundamentalistiske dyder som findes i både den poppede og den støjende inkarnation af genren. På 'Queen Of France' er der til gengæld ikke meget fundamentalisme; der er derimod legesyge, livsglæde og kraftfulde selvsikre electrobeats, som smyger sig om RebekkaMaria og vokser sammen med hendes kælne og pæne stemme. Stemmen er spinkel, javel, men oser alligevel af overskud.


Queen Of France - 2008 (A:LARM MUSIC)
1st single 08: SHE LION
2nd single 08: YOURS TRULY



RebekkaMaria’s solo project is a cocky mix of electropop, fresh distorted folk and mean danceable beats. The project is more than just a delicious electro/club coktail – ’cause RebekkaMaria’s distinct, playful and sometimes distorted voice and tasty melodies makes for a solid core.
RebekkaMaria Andersson is well known from the Danish/Swedish band Lampshade, with whom she has toured all over Europe. She is now ready to take on a genre completely different from the beautiful, noisy universe of Lampshade.
As In RebekkaMaria may seem reminiscent to artists such as The Knife, Coco Rosie, CSS, The Blow og Antony (without The Johnsons) on a hot date with French divas from the sixties. It’s all pop with a twist and many of the songs will surely make your hips move…

Live RebekkaMaria will be backed up by a few musicians from Lampshade and Campsite