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Cleveland, Ohio, United States | SELF

Cleveland, Ohio, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"blue pill,homegrown turns spotlight on city"

Press and Reviws:

(2003) plain dealer-Midnight Oil "city turns spotlight on tomorrow night"

(2007) cp2- (solo):BEST STREET MIX CD-"he ripped the city to shreds on this one
how it fell on deaf ears too most is a mystery"

call and post-(2002) TAKING US TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

rebel army radio magazine-(solo):"one of the hottest mixtapes out hand down"Zion
speaking on the (A LITTLTLE SOMETHING B4 THE ALBUM DROPS) mix cd.

freetimes music awards-2/20/2002

regional beat-(the scene)1/31/2002-2/6/2002 article by:Ken Bray.

freetimes blue pill experience-2003 article by:Daniel-Gray Kontar.

scene muscic awards-best hip hop group 7/10/2004
- plain dealer,call and post,call and post 2, the scene, the freetimes


Well as a solo artist this is my second project but my first album-my first project was a mixtape i put out
that was called "A LITTLTLE SOMETHING B4 THE ALBUM DROPS"and that was almost 6 years ago-
but i have been getting a lot of positive feedback on my new music as well as appearing on several mixtapes
the last year or two-such as:

DJ NU'S INDIE TOP 50 VOL.112(coast 2 coast mixtapes)

THOMAS HANDSOME STOP BEING STUPID 44(coast 2 coast mixtapes)






Born in april on the north side of Cleveland Asjislam lived a nomadic lifestyle as his family moved from one place to the next.And even though his home life was unstable music would serve as the one thing he would come to depend on.And after hearing such artist as nwa, scarface, epmd,krs1 and the ghetto boys he felt a special connection to this form of expression.I guess you can say hip hop saved his life,a life of pain and loss both of which his music is based on.everyone has a story some more tragic than others and thanks to this art form he was able to at least for moments escape a few of his.Asjislam was basically a freestylist when he first started out and from what is known about him,he was cold at it.And one of the things that made him so good was the ability to pick up on his surroundings quickly.See He would say things about what was going on around him with perfect timing,from what someone was wearing to what someone had said or was doing.Now the problem was He got so good at it people started believing that what he was saying was pre-written.But it was easy for him because his environment fueled every line phrase and verse-he just fell in love with as time passed he got tired of rapping on other peoples beats and having songs that was just thoughts and he was just about to call it quits when his man Lee introduced him to the man you all should be thankful to and that man name is-mr.k.warren,sir k.dubb-ARROGANT.Now as a local group they was as good as it got winning several awards,while recieving all kinds of press and other aculades,but he always felt they was saling themselves short.The talent was crazy-i'm talking great-1,ed haze,rome,native, wayne supreme, along with himself and a few others no doubt a squad not to be mess with.But as time passed and the press and the awards stopped so did the group as individual began to have thier own ideas about what they should be doing.And that's when he knew he had to find away to get himself together and dinstance himself from that situation.He has appeared on several mixtapes such as(Think Big),(Ed Haze vs.Ed Vicious),(Welcome to Cleveland) and his first and only solo project (A Lil Something Before the Album drops)-He has also been apart of several different groups as well as many name changes of said groups. It has also been said that he had somewhat of a David Ruffin complex- just saying.But even with that said he didnt feel like that on their first mixtape,(BUMPIVITY)under the chop shop umbrella and actually the first time he heard himself and he hated it,it was also the first time he started 2 write and both took some time to get use to.It would take him damn near 3 more years before he even started getting use to his own voice and another 2 before he really felt what he was writing.Dont get me wrong the words was strong and held a lot of truth behind them but there was no passion.just took time to get use to reading off that damn papper-
He also comes from a very talented family.His older brother was like the ramos of cleveland the boy had amazing talent(RANGER) is what they called him he can draw,write,rap the boy was like a mad scientist and I say was because he was murdered, and it tore Asjislam apart but as always his music was there to pick up the pieces.Now the one right up under him is slick on the freestyle and is known as the hook master-and his little sister is fire on the mic.And then theres pops a man with many talents,and big dreams-dreams that caused him to try to create his own version of the jackson 5 yeah big dreams.
See Asjislam music not only shine a little light on what he was but it also invites the listner to see where he is as well as what he plans on becoming.His music showcases how he refused to break when times got bad and how he chose to deal with things when times got worse,his whole transformation and growth is deeply inbeded into what he creates and I truly cant imagine what kind of person he would be without it.