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The best kept secret in music


7th album review!!!

Asking Alexandria – The Irony of Your Perfection (Hangmans Joke)
Review by Samuel Munch-Petersen This heavy-set band find themselves part of the United Arab Emirates, having formed in Dubai in 2003 and also part of the Nottingham 'rock scene'. Being labelled as a hardcore-screamo-come-emo band you'd think it hard to find something nice to say about them, being 'emo' and all, but to be honest I don't mind them that much. With influences like Chiodos, Alesana, Underoath, Bless the Fall, A Day To Remember, Bullet For My Valentine, The Devil Wears Prada, Atreyu, Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, From First To Last, From Autumn To Ashes and My Chemical Romance it's easy to see where they get their hard-hitting sound from. At the same time having My Chemical Romance under your belt as an influence is somewhat a black spot on that ever so clean starchy collar. However, it's hard not to like them. Their music is heavy, dark and yet mystically melodic with some definite slasher guitar movements and triplet pedal work being predominant throughout this album.
Their first release was an EP entitled Tomorrow.Hope.Goodbye and was self released. In 2006 they signed up with Sonicwave Int. and later but moved on to Hangmans Joke in 2007 after having received some sort of following. 11,667 plays to date on Myspace and they're pushing everything they've got into this album with the hope of making it big out there. Tracks to watch out for on the album that come across better than the rest (and it's a pain to write these since they're so fucking dramatic and 'poetic') are; Writing Her Ballad, Bite Your Lip and Fake It, Numb in a Matter of Screams, Bullets in a Music Box and Friends Before Angels. These tracks standout for their ferocity and their moving and emotive motions when you think of music in the sense of light and wind, they flow with a very gentle ease whilst also being a punch in the nuts from an old woman with glasses made of bone, which when you get to Numb in a Matter of Screams you'll find it's more of a mellow electronic buzz than a song as such. According to unknown sources (except that of their Myspace page) Asking Alexandria's live shows are "visceral, gut punching" and "accomplished, [with a] fresh new sound" (thanks to the Harvard system of referencing).
If you're into the kind of music that has quite repetitive riffs/vocals and beats but at the same time could be your cup of tea if you think of all those black-swoop haircuts and studded black belts on tight-as jeans worn by the most anorexic people alive, bar those starving for real in third world countries, then by all means take a shot at Asking Alexandria, since they might appeal to your 'darker' side.

- Live 4 Metal

5th review of album!!!


It was only a couple of months ago that I came across a very interesting article in the music magazine Terrorizer regarding the very active metal scene in the Middle-East and I was quite shocked to find out the difficult circumstances which numerous young musicians/bands have to cope with in their effort to express themselves through their music. In some countries the 'scene' is so underground simply in order to protect the band members from facing long jail terms or even the...death sentence!!!! Anyway, it seems that some countries are more open-minded and 'tolerant' than others, seeing as the U.A.E-based metalcore outfit Asking Alexandria is supported by a proper label, which is currently in the process of promoting the band's debut album "The Irony Of Your Perfection".

My limited experience regarding bands whose origins are from the wider region indicates that they tend to include many traditional themes and local instruments in their music, something that I always welcome with much interest. In the case of Asking Alexandria, though, there is not a single element in their music that betrays the band's origins - on the contrary, you will find it hard to believe that this quartet is located so far from either Sweden or the United States, the two countries whose music scenes could be classified as the band's main source of inspiration. So, having said that, what should one expect from this young outfit?

Well, one thing that's clearly audible is that the members of Asking Alexandria are following the rules of modern-sounding Emo/Metalcore music to the letter, so is that a good thing or not? As far as the overall sound is concerned, this sixteen track album has little (if nothing) to envy from the classic releases of the genre, which really means that if you like compositions based on a simple melodic riff and which feature numerous screamo vocals and clearly performed melodic/pop-y refrains then "The Irony Of Your Perfection" should indeed be your next purchase. As far as I'm personally concerned, what I came across is a collection of professionally performed compositions that had nothing really new to offer, and which often sounded repetitive to my ears. Having said that, I did enjoy listening to "Bitter Revenge, Sweet Tragedy", on the basis of being more of a straight-forward melodic Punk composition, and "Wings For The Sake Of Falling" whose clever use of background atmospheric keyboard tunes reveals an aspect of the band's character that I would hope that they will choose to invest in more in their future releases.

I believe that "The Irony Of Your Perfection" is a very good first step for any band, one that the members of Asking Alexandria should definitely feel proud of. I do believe, though, that they should now begin to work on these elements that will help them gain their own musical identity and allow them to present us with something much more inspirational next time round. I wish them luck.

John Stefanis

Rating: *** (3.0/5.0)

- Get reeady to rock

Fourth album review!!

Recently signed to Hangman's Joke, this young mostly Brit melodic metal quartet originally formed in Dubai but their debut full length has an American sound and some slick production. The majority of "The Irony of your Perfection" is really saleable mainstream stuff and relies quite heavily on standard chugga riffs and occasionally quite cheesy emo lyrics, but they manage to make everything sound a bit more fresh and exciting than many of their contemporaries because they play well, have good basic melodies and the advantage of an excellent and versatile vocalist who can manage crooning and screams in rapid succession as well as injecting a heartbreaking sexy, breathy quality into the quieter moments.

OK so they're no Thrice or Killswitch Engage; being neither as original or quirky or heavy as either band, but there is plenty of potential here and if they can just break out of the screamo box slightly they may be in danger of creating something really special. Opener 'In Loving Memory of you, despite you' one of the best tracks on the album, starts with a lovely piano refrain which suddenly breaks into heavy if familiar metal riffs and screams, but the chorus is the show stealer, it has a killer anthemic quality, as catchy and addictive as Hell is for Heroes at their best, but of course far more brutal. 'Wings for the sake of falling' uses the same trick; riff heavy, but hook laden and with a sweeping epic string sound running underneath the intensity that makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, they really know how to push all the right buttons.

One of the saving qualities of the album is theatrics. Perhaps the overlong cheesy song titles are a bit much but musically the OTT theatrical quality many of the tracks have just takes the emotion up a notch with the addition of moody interludes of gentle keyboard or piano; like the quiet moment of reflection between 'My last words Before it's all over' and 'Numb in a matter of screams' which does its job of drawing attention to the intensity and complexity of the duel guitar that follows. There's definitely plenty of song writing savvy behind these highly charged tunes, you have to admire the way they manage to pound the listener into emotional submission, and at the same time, they have something really honestly likeable; it might be the incredible amount of energy they pump into each tune combined with the fact that they play with plenty of conviction.

Track Listing
01 - In loving memory of you, despite you
02 - Writing her ballad
03 - Bitter revenge, sweet tragedy
04 - Bite your lip and fake it
05 - Asking for ashes
06 - My last words before its all over
07 - Numb in a matter of screams
08 - Gramophone elegance
09 - Bullets in a music box
10 - Wings for the sake of falling
11 - Friends before angels
12 - The irony of your perfection
13 - Red letter day
14 - Bite your lip and fake it (Demo)
15 - Gramophone elegance (Demo)
16 - Snow falls as memories fade


- Room Thirteen


ASKING ALEXANDRIA – 'The Irony of Your Perfection'

Review by Deb

Overall, this album is quite bizarre – it begins with a soothing piece of piano music, and then proceeds rapidly to kick arse, violently and with extreme force. Track titles and a pretty cover give a false impression that you are getting a bit of a namby-pamby effort, but this album is pure thrash – heavy bass lines, pounding drums and incessant screaming throughout make this a winner with me. The bass guitar on this is something to behold, and the odd slow bit just serves to twist the brain further.

Sixteen tracks of unadulterated hardcore thrash – should make the next dinner party go with a bang……..


- Deb

Second Review of our Debut album

Title - Asking Alexandria - The Irony Of YOur Perfection
Direct Link -
Actual Review - Asking Alexandria - The Irony Of Your Perfection

Asking Alexandria are a five piece band who formed in 2003 in Dubai, United Arab
Emirates, the band play hardcore/screamo music in the heaviest possible way.
The band are now signed to Hangmans Joke Records in the UK and will unleash
their debut album 'The Irony Of Your Perfection' onto the public in the
middle of September.

The bands debut album 'The Irony Of Your Perfection' is one of the most
energetic hardcore albums I have heard in some time, with so much going on
at once. The albums opens with 'In Loving Memory Of You, Despite You' which
starts off with a nice piano introduction which leaves you thinking this
album is going to be quite chilled out, but a minute later, track two
'Writing Her Ballad' kicks in with a heavy assault of guitar work and
frontman James Murray's full on roaring screams. 'Bitter Revenge, Sweet
Tragedy' starts off with some quiet sounding screams which soon gets louder
seconds later followed up with some spot on constant banging drumming. 'Bite
Your Lip And Fake It' is yet another hard hitting song with a slightly
melodic chorus which fits in well because it doesn't verge to far away from
the bands overall sound. To be fair the whole album is pretty spot on where
everything fits in well.

Normally most screamo bands sound the same as each other and there is not
much to separate one from the other but Asking Alexandria are a lot
different from the rest. The band have so much going on and have created
such a heavy mixture of music that fits together well and has had good
production. The guitar work is stunning and the vocals are raw and heavy but
also have a slight melodic edge in places. The album is twelve tracks long
but also has four bonus tracks, but the bonus tracks are pretty average.

If you are looking at getting into some new bands, check out Asking
Alexandria as they are a tight sounding band, their debut album can't be
faulted and I'm sure the best from this band is to be seen at their live
shows. Asking Alexandria have an extremely bright future ahead of


- More haste more speed

6th album review - Rock Midgets

Despite consisting of three Englishmen, the four-piece Asking Alexandria formed in Dubai in 2003, a time when the 'screamo' that they hold no fear of proclaiming their allegiance to was fresh and exciting. An interesting statement in a musical climate where not only is such a tag the target of much sneering, but where bands squirm away from the categorization no matter how obvious their sound.

It's admirable that they don't though, as this is very much what they say it is. You only have to take a glimpse at song-titles such as 'My Last Words Before It's All Over' and 'Bullets In A Music Box'. The accompanying lyrics go a step further, with none-more-emo lines such as "Take the broken heart and stitch it up with some tears" along with much talk of blood, bullets and the kind of imagery that makes a wet dream for those who are disappointed My Chemical Romance and Atreyu have progressed.

Despite this assessment, much of 'The Irony Of Your Perfection' kicks like a mule; the crowd-participation lies in wait for the "Hey! Hey!"s of 'Bitter Revenge, Sweet Tragedy', the title track is a sprawling epic that draws towards a huge instrumental bridge, and the closing moments of 'Bite Your Lip And Fake It' assails you with one of the most outstanding riffs you'll hear all year – if only they'd built the whole song around it!

With ropey vocals and an occasional drift into the formulaic, Asking Alexandria often present enough surprising left turns to indicate bigger things. If they can update their sound past 2003, their ideas and vigour point towards real potential for success.


- Rock midgets


1) End Of Reason
2) Tomorrow.Hope.Goodbye
3) The Irony of Your Perfection (Full Length Album)

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Radio Airplay - SI Radio USA



Formed in 2003 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Asking Alexandria fuse both melodic and hardcore style vocals with heavier, more hardcore musical elements. In August 2006 they signed their first deal with label ‘Sonicwave International’, by January 2007 the band was offered their second contract with label ‘Hangmans Joke’. The bands first E.P ‘Tomorrow.Hope.Goodbye’ was self released and brought the band a lot of interest and exposure from all over the world. Spots to open up for Boy Sets Fire, Pennywise, Jimmy Eat World and countless other bands we’re soon offered to the band as well as airplay on international radio station ‘Split Infinity radio’ and countless interviews with local magazines and news papers gaining the band even more exposure leaving Asking Alexandria a force to be reckoned with amongst the local scene. Asking Alexandria are known for their energetic live shows, which have been described as a "Visceral, gut-punching" act and their "accomplished, fresh new sound".