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Do they care? Hell no! That's the final and only answer for the up and coming rock/rap/alternative band Askmeificare that continues to rock venues in the Jacksonville area, building a fanbase of people who like real music. The band consists of three guys, Joe, JLee and Rokstar Raw. One bass guitarist, one drummer and one vocalist owning any stage as if they were twice as large. "It's all about the intensity" said one fan that was so pumped after Askmeificare opened for Unwritten Law that the fan was deemed " Hulk Smash" by the band. Visually, Askmeificare is as real as it gets. Each member has their own style that has not changed to conform or in order to stand out. Raw is originally from Philly, JLee is from Virginia and Joe is a jacksonville native. Raw and Joe met through a mutual friend and put up an infamous craigslist ad for others interested in forming a band. An initial drummer did reply, but after one jam session was never heard from again. Down to a duo but determined nonetheless, Joe and Raw decided to record as is and use synthesized drums and coined the group's name based on their sarcastic attitudes. In the process of meeting with Raw's engineer friend dxpert, Raw came across JLee, a sick ass drummer and the rest is as they say history.

Askmeificare's no genre based sound has an array of influences. Raw's older brother immersed him in various types of music from some artists like NWA, Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi, Nirvana, all the music of the Motown era and a plethora of other artists. Within the music itself, they cover a variety of subjects using some rap, some singing, and even some mellow, acoustic feeling sounds.The idea is to express whatever they want to about relationships, religion, going out and having a good time, whatever the topic, while still connecting with the listener. S.L.U.T. (The Fuck Song) is an example of that freedom of subject matter. S.L.U.T. stands for Sexy Lil Undercover Throwaway and describes a taboo relationship with a girl who "does things that most girls don't wanna do". An audio clip can be found on the Facebook page captioned with "Everyone loves a slut". The messages are real, the sound is energetic and the product is far from mainstream. With a top ten spot for the 2012 Battle of the Bands their first year, a killer Big Ticket concert series performance and a goal of making great music people can feel, their fanbase is sure to grow as rapidly as their success. Askmeificare is bringing back good music by doing whatever, whenever, however. Don't like it? Refer to the NAME