Asleep Behind The Flame

Asleep Behind The Flame

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Fallen through peaceful holes that contemplate reality against recognition. Debating whether freedom is upon ourselves or upon our minds. We face what we have, we face what we don't have, yet we never look past what truly matters.


Asleep Behind The Flame is a ferocious strike, approaching all angles with all of it's ammunition. This ruthless force is composed of foot-to-the-throat riffing, merciless beats driving the bottom end rhythm enough to herd wild buffalo, and a combustible outrage of timeless lyrics. This foursome wants to expose your will, and bathe in it's demise.

Hailing from Peterborough, ON, ABTF have had some serious detours along the path of their inevitable success. Having grown up with each other in high school, Tony Davis, Joe Callens, and Jay Byrd were convinced that their unique, heavy sound would make an impact on all that matters in the industry. They completed their entourage upon moving to Toronto, with bassist, and former snake charmer, Anthony Lombardi. Asleep Behind The Flame was permanently born. They have quickly made some serious headway in the Indie market in the GTA and throughout Southern Ontario.

From having shared the stage with Major Canadian Rock acts; Three Days Grace, Big Sugar and Hail The Villain, ABTF have surely shown the maturity and perseverance it takes to become an ever-evolving entity in a truly grimy industry. All that's left is for them to rip it apart.


'Self-Titled EP' (2011 Independent Release)

1. Break Beyond The Dawn
2. Seas Of Change
3. Another Dead Stare
4. Roll Call
5. Desolation
6. Perfect Enemy

Set List


. Perfect Enemy
. Another Dead Stare
. Roll Call
. Overcome
. Break Beyond The Dawn
. Crippler
. Bittersweet Light
. Caught In A Mold
. I Am A Lion
. Seas Of Change
. Desolation

Set lists vary, depending on set times. Generally 30 - 50 minutes.